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We are certain you’ve seen quite a number of comments about the experience our community members get from using the StreamMe service to share their recreational time with the world. No doubt you’ve asked yourself, “Just what is StreamMe? What makes it so interesting?”

StreamMe is a broadcasting service where gamers can come together to treat everybody to a unique experience, whether it be as a viewer or as a streamer. One of our key factors is that you can get partnered with us in a short amount of time by simply building a community of at least fifty followers. Doing so allows you access to extra features, including a Subscribe button and unique chat features for your watchers.

Another factor, one that carries unmatched importance, is the synergy shared by the StreamMe community. It is our goal to deliver to you a complete experience no matter how you utilize our service. We are always keeping a watchful eye on our streamers to ensure that they are satisfied. It’s likely that you yourself have wondered about how our streamers feel about StreamMe as a whole.

Well, we’d like to take some time to make their voices heard! To this end, we’ve started a monthly interview series where a StreamMe broadcaster comes forward to discuss their experience with the service. Once per month, we will sit down with a member to ask questions about their outlook on StreamMe, and we will share that discussion with you, the readers, so that you’ll have more data to help influence your decision to get involved with us!

For our first guest, we’d like to welcome RyokiF to her StreamMe Community Interview. Read on for some insight into her time on her favorite streaming website!

JagoBlake: Thank you for joining us on this interview today, Ryoki! Would you care to introduce yourself?

Ryoki: I am known as RyokiF on StreamMe.

JagoBlake: How did you come to discover the StreamMe service?

Ryoki: I started playing the Kingdom Hearts phone game over a year ago and looked up some YouTube videos to help me navigate the game. I found a streamer called Pigginatti and he was encouraging people to go to StreamMe to watch his streams to win raffle prizes and possibly make it into his party in the game. Once I joined, I was hooked. =] It was my first time watching live streams.

JagoBlake: What is it about the service that continues to keep your attention up to today?

Ryoki: I’ve always liked the emotes and how StreamMe has them organized. User emotes, channel emotes, emotes that are only for subscribers and supporters. My favorite are the raid emotes that you can use on anyone’s channel if you are subscribed to the streamer that uploaded the emotes. I also love that you can change the color of your name. It reminds me of an old game I used to play on a site called BYOND. Stickers are a great idea too. Who doesn’t like putting a mustache on the streamer? =p The contest is also a huge factor. I’m amazed that StreamMe has been able to keep it going for so long. It’s very generous and helps me upgrade what I have for streaming and give back to everyone that supports me by doing a ton of raffles.

JagoBlake: You mentioned that your discovery of Pigginatti’s StreamMe page marked the first time you watched a live streamer. What inspired you to take up the art of streaming yourself?

Ryoki: Pigginatti was always trying to convince more people to stream and was providing help to get new streamers started. It looked like fun and he told me he wanted to try out the multistream function and create a community of streamers. At the time I was wanting to get back into making 3D models and streaming seemed like a good way to keep myself committed to it. It’s a lot harder to back out of something if other people are expecting to see you work on it.

I honestly didn’t expect streaming to become such a big part of my life. Feels like a great accomplishment now. =]

JagoBlake: An accomplishment for which you and other committed streamers deserve praise. Which leads me to our next question: every streamer carries a unique approach to the art. How would you describe your own approach?

Ryoki: I guess I would describe my approach as “community”. My viewers stemmed off of the Nites of Light Multistream and we are all much like family. When I stream, it tends to be something that isn’t very excited to watch, but everyone comes to hang out in chat and enjoy interacting with each other and myself. We even have a Knights After Dark Multistream Discord for everyone that hangs out in my chat. We concern ourselves with everyone’s lives, share images, and set up games with each other. Sometimes the internet can be a toxic place and I want to keep my stream and our community a safe place.

JagoBlake: What do you typically like to stream?

Ryoki: Lately I’ve been streaming a lot of Perler Bead art, emote commissions, and community participation games like our Minecraft and Terraria servers. I also stream Steam games, board games (via cam and/or Tabletop Simulator), sculpting, and do the occasional stream of our pets. I guess commiting to my 3D modeling didn’t really happen after all.

JagoBlake: Might you be willing to touch upon potential ideas you’ll have for your streaming time in the future?

Ryoki: I would love to find more board games that I can play with everyone on stream. The more interactive my stream is, the better. I have one particular viewer that always wants me to go to and play the trivia games there with everyone. We’ve also had a great time playing the Jackbox games on stream. I feel like streaming should be more about the interaction between streamer and viewers rather than everyone just mindlessly watching the streamer.

JagoBlake: What are your thoughts on the growth of the StreamMe community?

Ryoki: I’ve really enjoyed seeing new people wander into my stream chat. My viewers and I do our best to welcome them and answer their questions about the website. I’d love to see StreamMe get as big as other streaming sites that I won’t mention here. =] Eventually I need to start making YouTube videos so I can do what Pigginatti did and pull new people to StreamMe.

JagoBlake: Have you any advice you’d like to offer to upcoming streamers or anyone considering getting into it?

Ryoki: The first few streams are always the scariest. Once you do a ton of them, it just feels like you’re hanging out with friends while in your own home. Try to stream everyday, even if you don’t want to. If you keep doing it, it becomes a habit and won’t feel like a chore. Never give up. Sometimes you stream and you’re only talking to yourself. It takes time to build a community and get consistent viewers.

JagoBlake: Very well-said. What new options and features are you hoping will be added to the service as StreamMe continues to evolve?

Ryoki: You’ve opened the floodgates. =] I would like to be able to do raffles in the multistream without it excluding the multistream participants. I think the multistream is a unique function that StreamMe should be promoting that other sites do not have. We would also like the chat glitch to be fixed. Sometimes messages show up only in the multistream or only on someone’s channel instead of both places. I’ve sent this to support before and I know the devs are busy with more important things. =]

Some of my viewers and I also would like to be able to do more custom raffles. For instance, add certain names to the raffle and have the wheel only include those people. The current exclude user function is a bit unwieldy. Would be better to just see the chat roster and un-check people’s names rather than having to type them all in with capitals correct. A lot of my viewers and I would love a stream hosting function. I know the logistics for that for the contest might be a little weird. I was hoping that the person that you are hosting would receive all the points generated for the contest.

Also, as a throwback to that game that I used to play on BYOND, I would love to be able to pay sparkles or unicorns for a gradient name color. (excluding admin red of course)

JagoBlake: Care to touch upon a bit of your history with gaming as a whole?

Ryoki: Sure =] I guess the biggest franchise that I am into is the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Which is why I started playing the Kingdom Hearts phone game. My favorite game has to be Yoshi’s Island on the SNES. I was so upset when my SNES power supply died. RPG games and puzzle games are the ones that I play the most and for the longest.

I was a huge WoW player during Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Now that I’ve become an “adult” my husband and I love playing board games over video games. =] I’m horrible at FPS games. This is why I play Mercy on Overwatch. =p At this point I could just list off a ton of games that I like. I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for though. XD

JagoBlake: You can always list examples.  As far as classics go, I favor Sonic the Hedgehog myself (I’m sure my avi gave that away).

If a friend were to show an interest in streaming, how likely are you to recommend that they try StreamMe?

Ryoki: Extremely likely. I’ve been trying to get my art friends to stream on StreamMe for a while now. None of them have taken the initiative to start streaming though. Won’t stop me from trying!

JagoBlake: Thank you for your time! In closing, would you like to give any shout-outs to anyone?

Ryoki: No problem! Thank you for getting to know the StreamMe community! Shout-outs always for my viewers and all the participants in the the Knights After Dark multistream and community.  Also for the San Antonio StreamMe crew for connecting with the StreamMe community more!

Our thanks go out to Ryoki for taking time out of her schedule to chat with us! We will be back in January with a second entry for our interview series! If you should have any input on who you’d like to see us interview next, please give us a shout at our Twitter account!

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