Announcing "THE CLASH"

We at StreamMe and Gauntlet are pleased to announce our new weekly series which is set for every Friday – The Clash!

As you might have guessed, the title is inspired by the Clash mechanic in the Injustice franchise.

As another step towards displaying our support for the NRS community, we have decided to involve their players on another level! Whether you have a grudge match with somebody or you simply want to test your worth against the best of the best, you now have the option to request a match on The Clash with another player of your choosing. However, both parties must be in agreement in order for the set to be considered. Naturally, the game to be showcased this Friday is Injustice 2.

On our broadcast for the Week 2 Finals of War of the Gods, we provided you with a glimpse into how the Clash will operate by showcasing the rivalry between Limbodawg and Method SylverRye. This Friday, The Clash kicks off for real with a group of Injustice 2 mini events leading up to the main event, as illustrated in the Twitter post above.

Tune in to this Friday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time to see the following exhibitions:

  • TSS Ominous vs. DF Grr (Best of Five)
  • MCG Vex vs. ADM CrazyFingers (Best of Five)
  • Noble Tweedy vs. TSS Deoxys (Best of Five)
  • TSS Buffalo vs. HARA Rewind (Race to Ten Wins)

Once again, The Clash goes live every Friday evening to bring you a firsthand look at the deeper layers of the NRS community, a look into a world where the players constantly strive to surpass one another! Should you have any requests for an exhibition, please contact Mr Aquaman at his Twitter account!

Oh, and for those of you who do not reside in North America, here is some good news: these exhibitions are not restricted to NA only. All Injustice 2 players have the option to request matches with anyone, regardless of region. Even better, if you’d like to face your opponent in a game other than Injustice 2, you can do exactly that – simply specify the title you and your opponent want to play!

It is our highest pleasure to serve the community. We hope you enjoy this week’s first episode of our new Clash series, and we are open to any and all feedback you may have!

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