Announcing “War Of The Gods!”

As a follow-up to the success of Stream.Me’s Kombat Cup series, we are taking the arena straight to the DC Universe to host a series dedicated to Injustice 2. Welcome…to the War of the Gods!

For those who followed the Kombat Cup, War of the Gods will run in a closely similar fashion but with some key differences. For those who didn’t, all the better for you as you’ll now have a clean slate to start from.

The series will run for ten weeks including a finale (with holiday breaks here and there) from May 20th to September 17th. Each week will feature preliminary brackets every Saturday with a handful of matches featured on our official broadcast. At the end of the night, the last eight players standing will become our Top 8 and will meet again on Tuesday to compete for league points and cash prizes.

Players of all ages are welcome to compete, provided they are legal residents of the United States of America and Canada. However, if you are not at least sixteen years of age but you earn any prize winnings, tax information from your parents will be required to claim these winnings.

All brackets for War of the Gods will abide by the following rules:

  • best of five matches (win three matches before your opponent to advance)
  • double elimination (lose two sets in tournament and you’re out)
  • competitive mode: enabled (this forces all players to compete at their character’s base stats with no influence from any gear they have equipped)
  • game timer: 90 seconds
  • stage select: both players are to choose Random Select at all times
  • character lock: the loser of a match may change their character while the winner is locked to theirs

You will have fifteen minutes to check in for each match. Should you fail to do so, you are sent to Loser’s Bracket. If you’re already in Loser’s and you fail to check in again, you’re eliminated. If you experience issues connecting with another player, please contact an administrator and they will handle it accordingly.

Players will be able to register via Gauntlet.GG (which will gateway from, the latter being an alternative platform of StreamMe for all your tournament needs.

Here is a look at our tournament schedule for War of the Gods. Please be advised that changes could be made if necessary.


As far as earnings go, we’ve got a total of $15,000 up for grabs throughout the entire series! $500 will be split among the top 4 of each week while the season finale will have a total of $10,000 split across the top 6! See below for the league points and cash prizes you can earn every week depending on your placing.

First Place: $250 and 150 points
Second Place: $150 and 125 points
Third and Fourth Place: $50 and 75 points
Fifth through Eighth Place: 50 points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place: 25 points
Seventh through Thirty-Second Place: 10 points

First Place: $4,000
Second Place: $2,500
Third Place: $1,500
Fourth Place: $1,000
Fifth Place: $500
Sixth Place: $500

All prize earnings will be paid out within two weeks from the time they are won. All payments can only be received electronically. You will be contacted to provide your email so that we can get your payments to you. Please be advised that you will have to complete a tax form before you receive your winnings.

To all who have participated in any tournaments hosted by Stream.Me, we greatly appreciate your interest and your support! We hope you will join us as we celebrate the release of NRS’s legendary fighting franchise in the DC Universe!

For more information on War of the Gods, follow this blog and the pages below: Registration page
Stream.Me Livestream page
Stream.Me Twitter page
Stream.Me YouTube page

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