Better Earnings Tracking And Data

StreamMe has added two new features to help you better track and analyze your earnings!

First, the Earnings Dashboard will give you a graph of your incoming Gifts, Stickers and Subscriptions over the last year, month, week or day.

Hover over the graph to see the exact amount earned per income type. You can also click on the income types in the legend to the right to remove or add one to the graph.


Secondly, we’ve added an “export” button for your Stickers and Gifts; you’ll find it in the “Received” tab.

Now you can export your lists of received Gifts and Stickers and organize the data however you see fit to get the information you need.


Thanks to our wonderful streamers for sending us the idea! Should we add or change anything about either of these features? Let us know on the StreamMe Idea Wall!

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