Giving The Gift Of The Puking Unicorn

What is this creature and why does it puke sparkles?

This magical creature is supposed to be a unicorn. You’d think everyone knew what a unicorn looks like, but sometimes you get too close and the details become hazy. Thus, the Rhinocorn was born.

The rhinocorn pukes sparkles as a symbol of the support viewers have for their favorite streamers. Those sparkles get paid out to the streamer each month while also contributing to their score in the Top StreamMEer Contest.

So, click the purple Gift button on your favorite streamer’s channel page and watch the rhinocorn do it’s thing!

(A minimum Gift of 100 sparkles is required to trigger the rhinocorn).

Have more ideas for crazy features or Gifting animals? What do you think should happen when you give a Gift? Let us know on the Idea Wall!

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