Interview with Kitana Prime!

As one of the longtime members of the NRS community, I’ve known Kitana Prime ever since our first encounter at CEO 2013 in Orlando, Florida. At the time, he’d begun to get his feet wet in competitive Injustice.

Fast-forward to today, where Kitana Prime is now recognized as one of the leading figures of our scene and not just as a competitor. He juggles multiple responsibilities such as event organization and casting on behalf of our community. He’s also had the privilege of being among the first to test a beta build for NRS’s upcoming DC brawler, Injustice 2: Every Battle Defines You.

Over the past half-decade, the evolution has been gradual, yet astounding. I’ve been curious to learn about Kitana Prime’s perspective on the direction his life as an FGC enthusiast has taken, so I took some time to sit down with him and ask him some questions.

Read on for an interview with the man, the myth, the legend, also known as Edenia’s loyal prince!


JagoBlake: First of all, congratulations for your opportunity with Panda Global! How does this make you feel?

Kitana Prime: Super excited. I’ll be able to expand my outreach even more now and can’t wait to help spread knowledge of the FGC to the untapped masses.

JagoBlake: You’ve expressed how you have big plans to put into motion once Injustice 2 is released. Would you care to elaborate a bit on what these plans are? And does your newfound position with PG influence these plans at all?

Kitana Prime: Well, I’m doing a few things I can’t quite talk about just yet. I can say however, I’m targeting an area to help amateur players get their feet wet…and I don’t expect us competitive guys to not be taken care of.

JagoBlake: You and Michaelangelo were among the first players, if not THE first, to experience a test build for the game. Would you like to describe this experience?

Kitana Prime: Well, there’s plenty of players who touched the game long before we did, early as E3 and again at conferences after, but to the testament of my personal experience, it was great. Most polished experience, of any NRS game, by far in my opinion.

JagoBlake: What drove you to become one of the biggest advocates for the NRS scene?

Kitana Prime: As I watched over the years, I felt I contribute, at a high level, to every aspect that make up the tournament environment. Organization, commentary, welcoming new players, so much – everything. So I did. I love this, with everything, and I just want to contribute to my scene as much as humanly possible.

JagoBlake: Do you feel that Mortal Kombat X has had a successful run in the competitive scene since its inception? Do you also believe that Injustice 2’s arrival will not mean its end?

Kitana Prime: MKX’s competitive scene definitely had an exciting run and was entertaining from the beginning, ESL’s amazing 3 seasons, the memorable moments at the offline majors, EVOs and Kombat Cup seasons. The arrival of Injustice 2 does bring the start of a new era, what the community decides to do is up to us as a collective.

JagoBlake: What inspired your gamer tag?

Kitana Prime: I literally couldn’t come up with a tag lol, the final day of CEO 2012 registration, I knew I wanted to become one of the premier Kitana players in the world. Seeing the second Transformers movie recently made it super easy in a clutch situation. I didn’t want to miss reg because I couldn’t come up with a name! Anyway, I’m a protagonist personality type, so of course I’m more Optimus than Megatron. In the Transformers world, being a Prime doesn’t make you the single overall absolute best, but Primes are undoubtedly the collective strongest. That’s where I set my initial goal.

JagoBlake: The scene is well-aware that you have a preference for being “the people’s hero.” To be more precise, you prioritize commentary and event organization over the time you invest into competing. That said, do you have plans to compete in Injustice 2 or will you put the sticks away to continue adhering to your strengths as a community supporter?

Kitana Prime: *smiles* I’m not ready to hang it up just yet. I honestly don’t know if I’ll even be a formidable player this time around as all my responsibilities become harder. Playing is the hardest aspect now as my I divert my energy everywhere, but it’s worth it. I get less salty nowadays. I’ll only quit if I ever go 0-2 lmao. Either way, I’ll be playing for sure, commentating for sure, and training up volunteers at each event to eventually fill my place for head TOing things.

JagoBlake: What was it like to commentate the Injustice Invitational after taking a two-year hiatus from the DC brawler?

Kitana Prime: Doing the Injustice Invitational was a heart warming experience. Not just because we got to turn back the clock, but it was fun to show off the game to viewers who either didn’t see the competitive side of Injustice 1 or play the game at all. Easy and fun!

JagoBlake: As a commentator for the Top 8 finals of the Kombat Cup every Wednesday, are you satisfied with the quality of production for the Kombat Cup?

Kitana Prime: Behind the scenes is where the magic actually happens. Mr. Aquaman holds it down and the presentation is clean and crisp, graphics are informative and easy to keep up with, viewers aren’t complaining – fine with me.

JagoBlake: How confident are you about Injustice 2’s success in esports? Will it match up to the success MKX saw, perhaps even surpass it?

Kitana Prime: We’ll have to wait and see. No idea what’s in store, but I’m excited for the potential future of NRS titles in esports.

JagoBlake: I’m sure the NRS community is curious to know this, so I’ll ask on their behalf: why the infatuation with your characters (Kitana from Mortal Kombat and Harley Quinn from Injustice)?

Kitana Prime: Here’s the bulk of it. Kitana was blue, pretty (yes, even through the mask), and when I saw her toss a fan at an airborne opponent in the arcade cabinet that day, the amount of blood, the way the fan carried the opponent, the idea of that weapon?! A bladed fan that could rise people up and slice and dice with the swiftness? I was in love. When I love, I love hard. Unwavering. Here we are.

Batman is my favorite superhero character by far and his universe contains the greatest collection of characters. No need to go into Harley’s backstory, we all know it, but I’ll mention this: my loyalty to her does not equal my infatuation with Kitana. She’ll be one of many I play in Injustice 2.

JagoBlake: You’re obviously aware of hayatei’s reputation as a god-tier player in MKX. Now that he is following you into Panda Global, how does it feel to work alongside him?

Kitana Prime: I’m god.

JagoBlake: The beta for Injustice 2 ended last month. From the perspectives of a competitor and casual player, would you like to give us your thoughts on how the beta felt?

Kitana Prime: Beta was an amazing experience. You know, I spent just as much time glossing over and customizing Gear for Blue Beetle, Supergirl and Black Canary as I did anything else. Online was super smooth and I can’t wait for the full release. May 16th!!

JagoBlake: Thank you for taking your time to talk with us! Any shout-outs you’d like to give?

Kitana Prime: Thanks for having me, Blake. The entire scene, everyone who supports at every level. My home at Panda Global. Every TO, online and off.

Florida boyz.

Once again, a gracious thank-you to Kitana Prime for taking the time to share details about himself! Please give him a follow at his Twitter account.

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