Kombat Cup Season 2 Champion Is Semiij

Kombat Cup Season 2 came to a close last Sunday, and a brand new Season Champion has been crowned!

The eight-man bracket started with a Match Extension between Semiij and RevetLeafing in the first game, a sign that we needed to keep our seat belts strapped for what was to come! For the purposes of this recap, we’ll cover only the finals while we leave you to catch up on the rest at this archive.


Winner’s Finals: Noble iLuusions vs Semiij

Without dropping a single set, Noble iLuusions and Semiij met face-to-face to compete for the first slot in Grand Finals. With iLuusions’s victory over Sonic, plus the fact he’s had a consistent win streak against Semiij, the viewers fully expected Luu to take home the gold. However, Semiij had come with more than a sense of preparedness…he had the motivation to kill. Luu had become so used to Semiij’s passive playstyle that he disregarded Mileena’s teleport kick while trying to set up his armor portal, usually after breakers, and he paid for his recklessness with health bars. His determination to jump out of Semiij’s offense also costs him dearly. It isn’t often that Semiij takes initiative other than he has no lead to hold, but the Mileena specialist repeatedly applied his pressure game from practically the entire screen, leaving Luu with little space to breathe. Semiij takes out iLuusions 3-0 with almost a perfect streak in air-to-airs, anti-airs, conversions and pressure.

Noble iLuusions (Quan Chi): 0 vs. Semiij (Mileena): 3


Loser’s Finals: HARA Rewind vs. Noble iLuusions

Like Semiij, Rewind embarked on a path of destruction through Loser’s Bracket, taking out players such as yungmonster and Noble Dragon along the way. He soon met with Noble iLuusions in Loser’s Finals. At first Rewind was hesitant to anti-air Luu’s jump-ins and that cost him dearly, but not as much as Luu’s dropped conversions after trances in multiple matches! Rewind adopted Semiij’s strategy of waylaying Luu before he could safely get the armor rune into play, while building significant meter for himself. Despite losing all of his resources due to Luu’s Meter-Drain Rune, he nevertheless escaped the corner and stole the match. Luu tried to get away after the unexpected drops in his combos only to be caught by the extensive hitbox of Rewind’s EX Vicinity Blast. Rewind also made up for his lack of anti-airs by nailing trip guards and air-to-airs while applying suffocating pressure. Without his armor rune, Luu’s other answer to the rushdown was to use interactables as a means of escape, sometimes more to his detriment than his good fortune. Luu played well, but each dropped combo doubled as an invitation for Rewind to snatch the steering wheel from him. Rewind pulls out a miraculous 3-1 victory against iLuusions to advance to what could truly be called the Grand Finale of the Kombat Cup!

Noble iLuusions (Quan Chi): 1 vs. HARA Rewind (Raiden): 3


Grand Finals: HARA Rewind vs Semiij

After a long four hours of nonstop surprises, the Grand Finals came down to HARA Rewind and Semiij, both of whom had collected absolutely amazing scalps along their road to the ultimate win. Other than his counterpick against Noble Tweedy, Rewind has brought glory to Displacer Raiden with each and every match he’s played, but for this match he decided to bet it all on Impostor Shinnok instead. The two engaged in a calculated session of CQC by trading pokes in an effort to bait reactions only for nothing to happen. Twice Rewind set himself up for the win and in both times, heartbreaking combo drops (or input errors?) allowed Semiij to create miracles with just a pixel of health. In the case of the first match, Semiij woke up with EX Fade and Rewind tried to anticipate his reappearance, but his hasty shoulder attack left him open to the game-ending punish; for the second match, he dropped a game-winning combo and Semiij tricked him with an EX Fade cancel after a D1 before going for the throw to extend the match to a third round. While Rewind actually managed to grab Semiij quite a few times, something that most players have extreme difficulty in doing, Semiij made up for the damage with superb whiff punishes. Rewind himself was reduced to a pixel of life with his back to the corner. He managed to land a conversion off his low launcher and tried to make a comeback only for the corner juggle to drop yet again, leaving him vulnerable to an inescapable sequence of chip damage that brought the curtain crashing down.

HARA Rewind (Shinnok): 0 vs. Semiij (Mileena): 3


Season Finale Bracket Results

1st Place: Semiij
Tournament Winnings: $1,500

2nd Place: HARA Rewind
Tournament Winnings: $1,000

3rd Place: Noble iLuusions
Tournament Winnings: $700

4th Place: Noble Dragon
Tournament Winnings: $400

5th Place: Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Tournament Winnings: $100

5th Place: InC yungmonster
Tournament Winnings: $100

7th Place: Noble Tweedy

7th Place: InC RevetLeafing

For the entirety of the finale, Semiij has looked…unstoppable. No other term can describe him better, especially when you consider that he did not drop a single game in any set. That is quite the contrast to Sonic Fox’s run in the first Season Finale back in January.

In any case, Semiij replaces the Fox as our Kombat Cup Season 2 Champion! With this achievement, he has provided indisputable evidence that he deserves to be called a grandmaster of Mortal Kombat XL. We congratulate him for traveling down a long road to stay on top of the rankings and sweep through the finale like a boss character!

This has been said before but it will be said again: these two seasons of the Kombat Cup have been an amazing experience for the organizers, the participants and the viewers all around. We have all of you to thank for the success of this league. We are privileged to have provided a background where all could be entertained by high-level play in what can perhaps be considered Netherrealm Studios’s best fighting game yet!

Of course, if you’ve watched the finale, you’ll know that War of the Gods was announced as a competitive league for the upcoming DC brawler, Injustice 2! We’ll let you check out this article to get caught up, but know this: the Kombat Cup has set the bar high for two seasons in a row, but that bar will ascend to greater heights in War of the Gods…with more cash prizes, more bracket matches, no age limit, and so on!

Hearing about it hardly does the excitement justice, though. How about watching this trailer instead?!

War of the Gods launches on May 20th, four days after the launch of Injustice 2. Visit our page at Gauntlet.GG right now to sign up and prepare for battle!

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Congratulations once again to Semiij for topping off his MKX career with a victory in the Season 2 finale! We will return May 20th with Injustice 2! Until then, make sure to follow this blog to stay informed on all things brought to you by StreamMe!

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