Noble Tweedy Wins #KombatCup: The Runback II

Last night, Noble Tweedy claimed the victory in our second Runback event for Kombat Cup!

Out of around 135 players, the final eight consisted of 75% returning faces and 25% new blood. In fact, NightBringerTBom was able to break into the Top 4 after a victory over 2eZ before ultimately losing to Rewind, a player who’d seen a monumental amount of growth throughout the second season of Kombat Cup. As for STB Dezda, he fought admirably against 2eZ but finished in 7th place.

Noble Tweedy and yungmonster12 met in Winner’s Finals for a match-up that, surprisingly, was not a common sighting at any point in the Kombat Cup. Known for an incredible blend of high-speed footsies and mix-ups, yungmonster has been a dangerous foe for any who crossed his path. But so has Noble Tweedy, who goes on to prove that no amount of time away from Mortal Kombat X leaves him weakened at all.

With his brother RevetLeafing eliminated at 5th Place, yungmonster waited in Loser’s Finals for his chance at redemption, which came in the form of Rewind, who’d taken out every opponent he encountered since his entrance from the lower bracket. After a viciously competitive battle, yungmonster put a stop to Rewind’s momentum, eliminating him at 3rd place and earning himself a spot in the Grand Finals for a rematch with Tweedy. However, the outcome was no different from that of Winner’s Finals, and so Tweedy proceeded to claim the crown in The Runback II!


Winner: Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $800

2nd Place: yungmonster12
Prizes: $600

3rd Place: Rewind
Prizes: $350

4th Place: NightBringerTBom
Prizes: $250

5th Place: 2eZ
Prizes: $150

5th Place: RevetLeafing
Prizes: $150

7th Place: RetroTech
Prizes: $100

7th Place: STB Dezda
Prizes: $100

Congratulations to Noble Tweedy for winning the Runback II! Perhaps he’ll return to defend his crown in our third Runback event on February 11th? We’d be interested to see if you have what it takes to change the course of events, so join us at that time for another flashback to the Kombat Cup! Registration, once open, will take place over at

If you didn’t get to catch the Top 8 last night, we’ve got you covered! Just click on this archive and enjoy!

Also, due to the fact that Kumite in Tennessee is coming up this weekend and that our friend Mr Aquaman will be leaving for the event tomorrow, we have decided to reschedule this week’s session of The Clash for tonight at 8 P.M. Eastern Time! Interested in some high-level exhibitions for Injustice 2? Feast your eyes on our fight card below and get ready to make your bets!

Additionally, due to KIT, War of the Gods will not take place this weekend. Instead, Week 5 will take place next Sunday, January 14th. If you’d like to register now, you can do so here!

While we are mentioning KIT, let us remind you that we’ve donated a $1,000 pot bonus towards their Injustice 2 bracket! For more information, please see this article.

Thanks to all of you for revisiting the past in style! We hope to see you again tonight as we return to Injustice 2 for another bout of entertaining gameplay!

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