October’s $12,500 Prize Pool!

This October, the prize pool for the Top Streamer Contest will be increased from $10,000 to $12,500! That’s more money for all 30 winners!

There will also be changes to the way points are earned for Stickers and Gifts. Currently, you get 100 points for every Sticker or Gift, no matter the value. Starting in October, the amount of points you get will be directly proportional to the value of the Sticker or Gift, i.e. 1 sparkle = 1 point.

This means viewers will be able to give you more points at once — so don’t forget to thank them!

Lastly, a friendly reminder that you get 5 points for every “Like” you get on an archive, so remember to ask your viewers to watch and like what they missed to help their favorite streamers in the contest!

Keep an eye on our contest page to stay up to date with the latest rules and prize pool distribution from month to month. October’s new prize pool amount will display at the start of the new contest.

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