Optic Gaming Wins #Devastation

Last night, the OpTicGaming team took the victory in StreamMe’s competitive Gears 4 series, “Devastation!”

Sixteen of the best Gears of War 4 teams met in a single elimination bracket to compete for a $1,000 prize pool which would be distributed only to the Top 2. OpTicGaming will receive $750 of the winnings with the remainder going to the runner-up team, Echo Fox!

Every team has given us mind-blowing matches to discuss for quite a while, and as such, shout-outs are owed to every single of them for participating in Devastation!

It has been a pleasure to bless the Gears of War 4 community with an amazing event. In honor of the winning teams, we’d like to acknowledge their members one by one, while linking their Twitter accounts for you to follow!

@OpTicGaming Team:

@EchoFoxGG Team:

The full archive for Devastation is available here at www.stream.me/gears. Be warned: it’s almost eight hours long.

Our thanks go out to Christopher “Deluxe” Haas and Tyler “Trooper” Shuman for assisting with event organization and commentary, as well as to Beau “Knightmares” Russell for aiding with administrative duty. They along with the Gears community have been instrumental in constructing a memorable event.

We’ll be bringing you more competitive events throughout 2018, so please be sure to follow @StreamMe and @GauntletGG on Twitter for updates! To stay informed on the esports scene for Gears, follow @EsportsGears.

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