Results From Legend Series Singles Brackets

Hey, brawlers! Didn’t catch Stream.Me’s Legend Series last weekend?

For those wondering what that is, it’s our contribution to the Brawlhalla community’s competitive circuit called the Brawlhalla Circuit. In the Legend Series, North American and European players will compete online for a shot at a $6,000 prize pool, with half of it going to each region. Our singles brackets too place last weekend and we’ll be switching over to doubles on the weekend of May 6-7.

Circuit Points and money will be up for grabs in these brackets. These points will go towards your standings in the Brawlhalla Circuit. At the end of the league, the thirty-two best Brawlhalla players from around the world will meet for a championship event this November to compete for the largest share of a $100,000 prize pool!

We’ve just completed our singles brackets for North America and Europe last weekend, and so we’d like to congratulate the winners for a job well done! The American bracket had 580 competitors locked and loaded. At the end of the tournament, Boomie emerged victorious by sending noeL to Loser’s Bracket 3-2 and then eliminating him at the same score in Grand Finals!


As for the European bracket, which had a staggering count of 768 entrants, Stimpy reached Winner’s Finals of Top 8 only to have his record blemished by a 2-3 loss at the hands of Maltimum. But not one to be outdone easily, he survived Loser’s Finals to win a chance for a runback. The adjustments were so dramatic, so obscene…that he practically racked up a 6-1 score to take out Maltimum and become the EU Singles Champion!


Props to all of the competitors all around and congratulations to Boomie and Stimpy for the big wins! Both will walk away with 200 Circuit Points and $750, apiece.

As a reminder of how the prizes will be distributed throughout the Legend Series, see below:

Prize Breakdown:

NA 1v1 – $1500

EU 1v1 – $1500

NA 2v2 – $1500

EU 2v2 – $1500

Per Event:

  • 1st | 200 CP / $750
  • 2nd | 120 CP / $300
  • 3rd | 80 CP / $180
  • 4th | 40 CP / $90
  • 5/6 | 30 CP / $60
  • 7/8 | 16 CP / $30
  • 9-16 | 8 CP
  • 17-32 | 4 CP

Of course, it’s one thing to read about it…it’s another to witness it for yourself! We will happily leave you the links to our archives so you can enjoy the first half of the Legend Series!

North American Singles Bracket
European Singles Bracket

The Legend Series will begin its double brackets on May 6th. If you’d like to sign up, feel free to head over to the following pages:

North American Doubles Bracket at Smash.GG
European Doubles Bracket at Smash.GG

Thanks go out to all of our commentators and bracket organizers for working together to ensure an amazing experience for the competitors! We hope you’ll rejoin us for our next sessions!

To learn more about the Brawlhalla Circuit and/or to stay updated on the Legend Series, follow this blog and the pages below:

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