Stream.Me: Getting Organized!

A couple of months ago, we added a feature that allows streamers to associate their stream with a Topic. Now you can also search for or click on those Topics to view a listings page of both live streams and archives associated with that Topic.

We’d like to ask all streamers to make use of this feature by adding/updating Topics via your Stream Dashboard to help viewers find you more easily and to help categorize your stream appropriately.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding a Category Listings page (e.g. Gaming, Animals, Arts & Crafts) that will help you find all the Topics associated with a Category. Category associations will happen automatically, so as a streamer you only need to worry about your Topic(s).

Remember, at you’re not limited to any one type of content, so please don’t hesitate to ask for the Topics you need! Let an admin know or contact us at so we can get it added.

If you have suggestions for ways to make this feature easier to use or if you’d like to request useful additions to this feature, please let us know on the Idea Wall!

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