The Legend Series Doubles Results

Last weekend, the North American and European Brawlhalla communities met via StreamMe to participate in the doubles brackets for the Legend Series! A total of $3,000 in winnings would be split between North America and Europe as hundreds of players from both countries banded with their partners in an effort to defeat the immensely stacked competition that stood before them. Additionally, players would earn Circuit Points for the Brawlhalla Circuit depending on their placings.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our doubles brackets in this post!

First up, over at the North American bracket, we saw 447 teams clashing through an endless onslaught of pools to determine our Top 32. That’s 894 players in all when you consider that each team is worth two players (wow!). But before we knew it, we found ourselves watching matches from the Top 32.

The final three came down to the following three teams:

  • Starlight and Astronaut
  • ithrowow and Dr. Phazon
  • Crockie and Doppey

Starlight and Astronaut clashed with Crockie and Doppey in a vicious Winner’s Finals set. With a 3-0 outcome, Starlight/Astronaut proceeded to Grand Finals while the latter team was dropped into Loser’s Finals, where they would be elimnated by ithrowow and Dr. Phazon. As such, Crockie and Doppey would finish in third place with 80 Circuit Points and $180.

Meanwhile, ithrowow and Dr Phazon would edge out Starlight and Astronaut in Grand Finals to reset the bracket with a close but well-earned 3-2 victory. They then proceeded to repeat their triumph in the second set with a 3-1 win to become the Legend Series champions for the NA Doubles bracket!


Congratulations to ithrowow and Dr. Phazon for the win! Below is a list of the Top 8 as well as their earnings:

1st Place: ithrowow and Dr. Phazon – 200 Circuit Points and $750
2nd Place: Starlight and Astronaut – 120 Circuit Points and $300
3rd Place: Crockie and Doppey – 80 Circuit Points and $180
4th Place: Boomie and LDZ – 40 Circuit Points and $90
5th Place: Remmy and Cody Travis – 30 Circuit Points and $60
5th Place: Blood Diamond and noeL – 30 Circuit Points and $60
7th Place: Cyclist and Isidrooo – 16 Circuit Points and $30
7th Place: Team NUT – 16 Circuit Points and $30

Legend Series NA Doubles Archive

As for the European bracket, which took place yesterday…it had 628 teams total. With two players per team, that adds up to 1,256 competitors for a doubles bracket! Such an overload of hype for one weekend, wouldn’t you say?!

As you might have expected, we’ve had a long day with our broadcast for the European doubles, but time flies when you’re having fun. We soon came down to a stacked Top 32, which in turn led to a climactic Top 3 for the big finish. Who were the Top 3 EU teams, you ask?

  • Addymestic and Cake
  • Slug and QuerSation
  • Maltimum and TB

Slug and QuerSation met with Addymestic and Cake in Winner’s Finals and tried to get the upper hand, but they were faced with a crushing 3-0 loss that sent them into the lower bracket. Maltimum and TB came by to surpass them, but were defeated 1-3. With their setback resolved, Slug and QuerSation claimed their runback with Addymestic and Cake in Grand Finals and managed to get a match off them this time, but the synergy between their opponents was simply too strong. With a 3-1 outcome, Addymestic and Cake conquered the European doubles brackets to become Legend Series champions!


We salute them for maintaining an admirable mental fortitude throughout a bracket with over six-hundred teams decorating its corners! See below for the EU Top 8 winners and their earnings:

1st Place: Addymestic and Cake – 200 Circuit Points and $750
2nd Place: Slug and QuerSation – 120 Circuit Points and $300
3rd Place: Maltimum and TB – 80 Circuit Points and $180
4th Place: Lanz and Stimpy – 40 Circuit Points and $90
5th Place: Dobrien and Diakou – 30 Circuit Points and $60
5th Place: Aerial and SpiritWolf – 30 Circuit Points and $60
7th Place: M For Mini and Goosey – 16 Circuit Points and $30
7th Place: Zeloxory and Cedero – 16 Circuit Points and $30

Legend Series EU Doubles Archive

It was a pleasure to host the Legend Series for a scene as solid as Brawlhalla’s! We wish everyone the best of luck as they continue competing in this year’s Brawlhalla Circuit! To learn more about the Circuit, you can check out their Smash.GG page here.

If you’d like to try out Brawlhalla, the game is free to download at their Steam page! PS4 players will also get to enjoy the game when it hits the console this summer, but for now they can sign up for a closed beta which is expected to launch this month!

Keep an eye out for streams from their developers at Blue Mammoth Games this week! Additionally, follow this blog and their pages at:

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