Tutorial Video On Using StreamMe By @QRGamingLive

If you recently created an account on StreamMe, chances are that you might be confused on how to utilize your options here, particularly if you are just entering the world of streaming. Fortunately, Andrew from the QRGamingLive channel took the time to construct a video tutorial (seen below) that demonstrates how you can use your options, whether you are looking to establish an audience or simply interact with fellow gamers in chatrooms.

At StreamMe, we offer an astonishing number of options for gamers looking to put themselves out there. With thanks to Andrew, his tutorial will be exactly what you need to get started!

For those unaware, we offer partnerships to all broadcasters who gain at least fifty followers for their channel. Once you’ve partnered with us, your channel will acquire a subscribe button that can be priced anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00, whichever amount you prefer! As well, you’ll gain extra options including an expansion on customized chat badges to add some personality to your page!

StreamMe also provides a variety of competitive circuits that specialize in the fighting game genre. As of now, we are running War of the Gods, a ten-week circuit for Injustice 2, and Overdrive Series Season 2, a continuation of our Guilty Gear XRD league. Entry for all our tournaments is completely free and you could win a variety of prizes including cash and travel opportunities! Nothing to lose but so much to gain!

Any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to leave a comment or tweet either QRGamingLive or ourselves. Additionally, follow our blog and all of our social media to stay updated!

P.S. We’d like to give a shout-out to all of our partners at Catalyst Mints and Arozzi! If you use the discount code “StreamMe,” you can purchase their products for a slightly reduced price! The quality of their work is incredible, so we cannot recommend them enough!

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