Announcing “Rage Within!”

“Get ready for the next battle!”

With the steady climb of Tekken 7’s popularity since its arrival to consoles on early June, StreamMe and GauntletGG are releasing an online competitive circuit for T7 players – “Rage Within!” Like War of the Gods, it will last for ten weeks total and conclude with a season finale with increased cash prizes. The season begins on August 6th and lasts until the end of November – this time period will account for offline tournament schedules and holiday breaks where necessary.

Competitors will participate in double elimination brackets online to earn league points as well as a shot at some cash. Players from the United States of America and Canada are eligible to compete regardless of their age, although parental assistance will be required if players under sixteen place well enough to earn cash prizes.

Tournament platform will be the Playstation 4.

How to register? Simply visit our page at and put down your information on the form provided. Entry for all our brackets is completely free. We recommend memorizing your account information to ensure that the league points you earn are properly applied (we will not combine accounts).

All brackets for Rage Within will follow the set of rules below:

  • every bracket will be double elimination. Lose two sets and you’re out.
  • default timer of sixty seconds will be used for every game.
  • all games will feature up to five rounds. Win three before your opponent does to take the game.
  • all sets will be a race to two wins, excluding Grand Finals which will be three-out-of-five.
  • all stages will be chosen at random.
  • after each game, the winner is locked to their character while the loser may switch.
  • all available characters are legal for tournament play.

Brackets will take place on two Sundays per month at 6 P.M. Eastern Time. Once our Top 8 is locked in, the remainder of the tournament will be broadcast at Anyone with a StreamMe account is encouraged to follow the page and enable email notifications so they can catch the show when it happens!

Part of the reason Rage Within will last for ten weeks is due to the fact that it’s a bi-weekly event, meaning that it will occur twice per month instead of every week, up until November during which it will finish as a weekly series. See below for the schedule the series will follow.


If you should experience any issues with your part of the bracket, head into your assigned match chat and use the command to call a chat moderator. Please do not tag us in either a stream chat or on Twitter as the administrators will be focused on other priorities including production. Players will have fifteen minutes to check into their matches before they are automatically penalized. After each match is completed, please report the scores via your match chat.

Want to broadcast your matches? We certainly welcome this idea, but keep in mind that you can only do so using your StreamMe page and not any other broadcasting service. The use of any services not related to StreamMe may lead to rejection from future tournaments.

So what prizes can you win from each bracket? League points will be distributed to those placing within the Top 32 while cash prizes are limited to the Top 4. See below for the prize scale.

First Place: $200 and 150 points
Second Place: $100 and 125 points
Third Place: $75 and 75 points
Fourth Place: $50 and 50 points
Fifth Place: 25 points
Seventh Place: 20 points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place: 10 points
Seventeen through Thirty-Second Place: 5 points

The league points you earn will play a crucial role in determining our final eight players that will qualify for the Season Finale of Rage Within. The finale will also feature a double elimination bracket, but cash prizes will increase dramatically and expand to cover the Top 6! The finale takes place on November 19th.

First Place: $2,250
Second Place: $1,250
Third Place: $1,000
Fourth Place: $750
Fifth Place: $250 each

For a complete breakdown of the rules, see this page.

Good luck and train your hardest to become the King of Iron Fist!

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