Community Interview With Cyberdemon531

Welcome back to the StreamMe Community Interview Series, readers!

Once per month, we take some time out of our day to speak with one of our own community members. The series launched last month with RyokiF as our first guest of honor, and for tonight, we have our second guest…a hardcore streamer who specializes in playing so fast that the game can barely keep up – speedrunning, in other words.

That guest is Cyberdemon531, a name you may be familiar with if you’ve been paying attention to the StreamMe leaderboards for our monthly contests where streamers strive to be the top streamer every month. She’s been seen sitting near the summit every month, a fact she attributes to the enormous amount of time she devotes towards her craft.

In our interview, we cover franchises she’s interested in, her approach to streaming and her thoughts on the StreamMe community as a whole. Read on!

Blake: Care to introduce yourself to the readers?

Cyberdemon531: Hello, readers, I am Cyberdemon531, professional speedrunner extraordinaire. I love video games, primarily video games released on the Sony PlayStation. My favorite game series are Doom, Mega Man, Spyro, etc, and I will often be seen streaming 10-16 hours a day because I have nothing better to do.

JagoBlake: MegaMan and Spyro, you say? Seems like we have a lot to discuss about those two! Since I can’t help asking, what’s your favorite game in the Spyro franchise?

Cyberdemon531: My favorite game in the franchise is Spyro the Dragon.

JagoBlake: The first one for the Playstation 1, I assume?

Cyberdemon531: Yes, indeed. It is the best as it is very basic and doesn’t distract the core gameplay with minigames and badly designed animal characters.

JagoBlake: I still have my old PS1 disc for the game (yes, fond memories). As for MegaMan, your favorite game there?

Cyberdemon531: Very nice, I’ve done a lot of speedruns for 1-4 so I am very well versed. As for Mega Man, my favorite in the classic series is Mega Man 8, my favorite in the X series is Mega Man X6, and my favorite in the Zero series is Mega Man Zero 4. I also like all the side games, but haven’t played them enough to judge a favorite.

JagoBlake: You hype for the new MegaMan 11 coming soon?

Cyberdemon531: I am very excited for it! I am more excited for PC versions of X1-8, though, so I can easily play them without dealing with obscure korean PC ports (Since PC speedrunning is usually faster). I am also very excited that I am dedicating myself to doing a run of Mega Man 1-10 every Saturday for the entire year.

JagoBlake: An excellent use of your time as a streamer! Speaking of streaming, what is it about the craft that won your attention for so long? That is to say, what inspired you to pick up streaming?

Cyberdemon531: I started YouTube videos of games in 2010 but I was very dumb and young so I didn’t know what I was doing until later, in 2012 I started trying harder during High School, and then learned about streaming in summer of 2012, of which I thought was way way easier than recording, editing, and rendering videos, so I have pretty much dedicated myself to streaming since late 2012/early 2013. As for what keeps my attention for such an extended period of time, mostly having nothing else to do.

But also the fact that playing games is fun, and people like watching me. It’s how I met all of my friends, so there is no reason to stop now!

JagoBlake: Awesome to hear! You’ve been one of the consistent top streamers on the StreamMe leaderboards for quite some time now. In fact you were sitting at #1 last month, and as of now, you’re only one spot away from returning there. Who or what would you credit for your consistency?

Cyberdemon531: Why, yes! I stream frequently, as mentioned, usually 10 hours a day, and I often do marathons, primarily every Sunday I do “Sunday Runday” where I do tons of different speedruns from 10am to usually around 3am the next day. I just stream a lot and talk to my chat a lot. Very active community mostly!

JagoBlake: Do you make an effort to involve your audience in your craft as much as possible? If so, how?

Cyberdemon531: Well, I don’t do multiplayer or anything, but I do have audience participation in my Sunday Runday marathons, via a voting form, where every viewer votes for their favorite games of my catalog, and whichever gets the highest amount wins! I also do donation requests frequently so people can straight up pay me to play whatever they want. Pretty simple system.

JagoBlake: Sounds intriguing! So how did you come to discover StreamMe?

Cyberdemon531: Well, I was recommended to come here, and so far it’s been pretty good. Technically speaking it is far superior to other platforms I have tried and used, and I’ve tried just about all of ’em, and the features are also fun. Not to mention the money which has literally saved my life in multiple ways.

JagoBlake: How would you describe your approach to streaming as a whole?

Cyberdemon531: Well I mostly just speedrun a wild assortment of games and talk to the chat about memes and current events. Very basic and oldschool setup, nothing fancy. To expand: Mostly just game feed and chat feed on stream.

JagoBlake: Gotcha. I know you touched upon this briefly, but have you a longer description to offer on your experience as a StreamMe member?

Cyberdemon531: Well, I joined the site in February of 2017, so it’s been about a year now. As for my personal experience, since I think I explained what I like about the site already, it has been very positive in my life as a whole. I have a history of depression which was really bad early last year, and having a community to be with and feel comfortable around for the past year as made me, as a person, feel very good.

As well as the financial gains helping me tremendously so I can stream full-time without worrying about bills and stuff, and it’s also helped me begin my transition, which has been the most important thing to me to date, so I have nothing but positive things to say about StreamMe, and my experience on the platform.

JagoBlake: As satisfied as you are with your experience, what steps are you hoping to see StreamMe take in an effort to evolve their service?

Cyberdemon531: I hope they add more features, primarily a clip feature as that adds a lot of audience interaction, but I’ve also suggested a few things to them in the Discord as well as on their idea wall with other minor things. As a general direction, I hope they mostly just continue to be a technically stable site so that I can stream here for the forseeable future.

Stability is success in the long term, and I think other places are bound to crash eventually, and that’s when a good site like StreamMe can swoop in the best.

JagoBlake: Well-spoken. As one of the leading speedunners on StreamMe, would you recommend any other speedrunners for the readers to check out?

Cyberdemon531: Without wanting to play favorites, I recommend everyone equally. I don’t have the time to really watch streams, so I cannot give a more detailed opinion. However, I will say that the Mega Man runners are my personal recommendation by default, hehe.

JagoBlake: Fair enough. Thank you for your time! In closing, have you any shout-outs you want to give?

Cyberdemon531: I’d like to shout out myself, primarily. I’m epic.

The author highly approves of the ending!

Thanks to Cyberdemon531 for providing her input on where he stands with StreamMe! We will return in February with a third interview. If you’d like to stay updated on her content, be sure to follow Cyberdemon at the links below:

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