New #WinStreak and #WarOfTheGods LEGENDS StreamMe Apparel now available for purchase!

We have been hard at work crafting amazing additions to our line of StreamMe apparel since it became available via Redbubble. Today, we are proud to put the newcomers to our store on display.

We’ve introduced a new line of clothing and accessories that have been crested with the logo for our biweekly series, the Fortnite Winstreak! The complete list of items that are blessed with the Winstreak logo can all be found here on Redbubble, but we’ll gladly give you an early look at a portion of our new library of merchandise.

WinStreak 1.png
WinStreak 2.png

The clothing items come in all possible sizes and include tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers and more! Our non-clothing items include iPhone cases, drawstring bags, laptop skins, pillows, mugs…essentially a vast selection to help you display your support for StreamMe and all of its amazing services! Prices vary depending on size and/or the item provided.

Whether you are a newcomer, or one of our Fortnite streamers who participate regularly in our Winstreak series, we hope you consider adding these garments to your wardrobe!

Furthermore, to fans of our ongoing Legends series for War of the Gods, which is an exclusive Injustice 2 circuit established on our platform…we’ve kept you guys in our thoughts as well. As of this week, we have decided to offer a similar variety of items that have all been gifted with the logo for Legends. That includes EVERYTHING mentioned for the Winstreak items listed above.

War of the Gods merchandise.png

That’s some attractive eye candy right there, wouldn’t you say?! If you want to scoop up some of it, please visit this page.

Finally, rounding off the welcome additions to our store is a StreamMe sticker pack! Designed after emotes found only on our platform, these stickers are best reserved for flat, smooth surfaces and will definitely spice up your favorite items. Best of all, these packs are priced at only around two dollars.

The StreamMe sticker pack is available for purchase on Redbubble as well, at this page to be exact.


To begin browsing through our apparel, visit or

We will continue to be hard at work expanding on our merchandise, so please keep an eye on all of our social media, as we’ll be dropping updates whenever additions are available.

“Wait! What exactly is the Winstreak and Legends?”

A question we are happy to answer! As mentioned earlier, the Winstreak is a biweekly series where Fortnite streamers can obtain cash prizes by completing various feats while streaming the game on our platform! All of your achievements must be streamed live and shared with us via a submission of your archives.

As for Legends, it is a combination of an open bracket and an invitational that showcases the finest talents among the Injustice 2 community. Up to sixteen players will compete in two separate group stages over the course of the series, but only eight will advance to our Grand Finale. Along the way, a series of qualifiers to determine who will combat our Legends will be held. Up to $10,000 in cash prizes can be won in Legends.

While we’re mentioning Legends, we’d also like to note that we offer a challenge series for Injustice 2, which functions similarly to the Winstreak by offering weekly challenges, all of which must be completed while streaming the game live on our platform. Like with the Winstreak, you can win cash prizes for doing so.

As a side note, to those of you enjoying the all-new Black Ops 4 that just hit the market…we now offer challenges based on that game as well! Complete our objectives in Multiplayer, Zombie or Blackout to win cash prizes while streaming Black Ops 4 on StreamMe!

Eager to get started? Please create your account at, then visit to learn more!

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