Compete for a $4,600 prize pool in this weekend's Duos #FortniteWinStreak!

This weekend, we’re raising the stakes for our Fortnite WinStreak series!

A total of $4,600 will be awarded to the teams that finish inside the Top 10 for our Duos WinStreak this weekend. 1st Place is guaranteed $850, whereas the team that finishes in 10th will take home $150. Winnings will be split among the players in each team.

Naturally, this challenge must be completed while a livestream of each team member’s match is provided via StreamMe. Furthermore, archives must be enabled in order to resolve any confusion that may arise.

Our latest Duos WinStreak will launch this Saturday, October 27th at 12 A.M. UTC. The event will conclude the next day at 11:59 P.M. UTC.

When participating, the following rules must be kept in mind.

First, participants are required to utilize the Fortnite Tracker webpage at, which is used to track each player’s eliminations as they are incurred. It is advised you leave it open in your browser while participating in a Fortnite match in order to ensure an accurate record. Matches submitted via Fortnite Tracker will be verified by StreamMe, provided that the timestamps for your matches match our live stream logs.

Responsibility for managing the Fortnite Tracker will fall solely upon the team captain. They will submit accurate records for their scores, as well as the usernames of their teammates.

While we do require that your archives are enabled, you may submit your entries via Fortnite Tracker before they are processed. The sooner they are submitted, the more accurate our WinStreak leaderboards will be. Each entry must contain your username, your Epic Game account, and a link to Fortnite Tracker, and your teammates’ information must be archived as well.

Your matches must contain at least sixty players in order to be considered as part of your score. Each elimination will earn your team five points, regardless of whether the match is won or lost. Winning a match immediately nets you a 100-point bonus.

When streaming your matches, please verify that your stream’s topic has been set to “Fortnite” so that viewers may have an easier time discovering your page. You must also refrain from using streamer mode when participating in the Duos WinStreak.

While optional, we encourage that all teams utilize our multistream features when broadcasting their WinStreak matches. To either add or be added to any multistream, visit your account settings and click “Multistream.”

Should you amass a streak that is strong enough, your content could possibly earn a promotion via StreamMe’s social media, all of which is linked at the bottom of this article! So we heavily encourage you to give it your all!

This contest is sponsored solely by StreamMe and is not endorsed in any way by Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite. For more information on the Duos WinStreak, please visit

Don’t have Fortnite yet? It’s free to download, and participation in the WinStreak is also free! Grab your copy for any platform of your choosing, then hop onto StreamMe and enjoy the grind!

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P.S. In closing, we encourage our streamers to visit to learn more about the variety of challenges offered for a selection of games! Look forward to additions to this list in the future.

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