Introducing the StreamMe #Injustice2 Challenges!

As of this week, we have begun to roll out challenges for Injustice 2!

What exactly are “challenges,” you may ask? For latecomers, you can refer to for the full scoop, but we will supply a definition here all the same: similar to the Fortnite Challenges, streamers can complete specified tasks while streaming Injustice 2 in order to win cash prizes.

Challenges will consist of two categories: daily and weekly. The daily challenges will reset at midnight every day for until they are completed, whereas the weekly challenges will reset once per week. We suggest checking back habitually so you don’t miss any new challenges as they are uploaded.

How can you participate? Visit to review the challenges that are currently live, then boot up your stream to play some Injustice 2. Once you complete the challenges, you can return to the linked page to submit your archives as evidence.

Some steps to keep in mind when participating in the Injustice 2 Challenges:

  • when streaming, ensure that your channel’s topic is set to Injustice 2.

  • all challenges must be streamed via our service, not through any other platform.

  • ensure that your archives are enabled via your stream settings. If they are not enabled, your past streams will not be saved to your account.

  • each challenge may be completed once per cycle. However, players may complete as many challenges as they so desire.

  • all archives submitted for the challenges must have a length of at least thirty minutes, and they must also be submitted within the time frame of the posted challenge.

The rules in effect for the Injustice 2 challenges may be adjusted at the discretion of the StreamMe staff, so please be sure to follow our pages to stay informed on any updates as they come. As well, this contest is sponsored solely by StreamMe with no affiliation with Netherrealm Studios.

Eager to win some cash? It costs nothing whatsoever to participate in our challenges, so enjoy yourselves! If you don’t already have your copy of Injustice 2, you can grab it for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Steam (PC) (we recommend purchasing the Legendary Edition as it comes with all downloadable content released since launch).

Good luck to all our streamers!

P.S. If you enjoy playing Injustice 2, you may want to follow our War of the Gods series to enjoy displays of incredible matches from the game’s evolving community. We are currently hosting a hybrid invitational-open event called LEGENDS, where a combination of invited Legends and Qualifiers will meet to compete for portions of a $10,000 prize pool. Like with our challenges, the qualifiers are free to enter.

To learn more about War of the Gods, please visit

JagoBlake, the author of this article, is an esports enthusiast who just so happens to have a way with words. Whenever he is not scouring the Internet in pursuit of breaking news, he's investing time into his favorite fighting games so as not to appear inadequate in the face of competition. To support his work, follow him on Twitter - @xJagoBlake.

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