Compete for $3,000 in the #FortniteWinStreak Week-Long Edition from November 9-16!

Fortnite players, we’re happy to present a new edition of our Fortnite Winstreak series, which is effective as of now!

While the Winstreak is typically restricted to Wednesdays and Saturdays every week, we are shattering the norm by presenting a week-long event in the series! From November 9th to the 16th, Fortnite players can earn points through eliminating opponents in Solos matches only.

For those familiar with the Winstreak, this new event is largely similar to that of a typical Solos event, which usually runs on Wednesdays. The only differences are:

  • you have until 11:59 P.M. UTC on November 16th to rack up your points, instead of just a whole day.

  • a $3,000 prize pool will be split across the Top 15 points holders upon the conclusion of the event.

Bear in mind that for your results to be considered eligible, they must be achieved whilst streaming Fortnite via StreamMe. To join our growing community of broadcasters, we welcome you to visit to create your account! Questions on how to set up your page can be found at our FAQ here.

Before participating in the Fortnite WinStreak, visit your account settings (typically located at the upper right of your page on StreamMe) to verify that your archives are enabled. You will not need to submit these to confirm results, but they may prove essential in the case of a possible dispute. All your archives can be found in your account’s Video Manager.

For submitting results, you will need to use the Fortnite Tracker, found here, so that you and we can stay up to date on your final results. You can submit your tracker via so as to confirm your results.

Note that the Tracker is only applicable to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users. While you may attempt to complete the challenge on any console that supports Fortnite (Nintendo Switch included), we recommend using one of those three for the purposes of verifying your results.

Once this week-long installation in the Winstreak series comes to an end, we will announce the winners and contact them directly to distribute prizes. Your achievements may get a shout-out via our social media, which are linked at the bottom of this article, so you may want to follow us!

We wish the best of luck to all of our Fortnite streamers, old and new alike! See you in a week with the final results!

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