StreamMe Community Interview With Stealinbread

Welcome back to the StreamMe Community Interview series! We hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day last week!

For those who are latecomers to the series, we’ll catch you up on the basics. It’s a monthly series where we pull aside one of our own community members to ask them some questions regarding their history as a streamer and gamer inside and outside of StreamMe. It first launched in December when we interviewed Ryoki_F, and we followed up with another interview in January that featured cyberdemon531. Both articles will be linked with their names so that you can do some catching up and see how the process works.

For this month, we decided to sit down with stealinbread and have a quick discussion, one that we feel you will find enjoyable. Questions asked by the interviewer – that is to say, myself – will be written in bold for your convenience. Enjoy!

JagoBlake: For the first question we’ll start with the basics. Introduce yourself to the readers, please?

stealinbread: Hi everyone! I’m stealinbread. 26 years old, hailing from the deep south in the United States. I stream a variety of things here, mostly speedruns, but sometimes I casually play things too!

JagoBlake: Exactly what inspired your username?

stealinbread: There’s a big misconception, and everyone almost always guesses wrong.

Most people think “Temple of the Dog – I don’t mind stealin bread from the mouths of decadence”, but that isn’t where I got it.

I actually thought of it back in 2011 when I read Les Miserables, a book by Victor Hugo. Many people have seen the play or movie, not many have read the book. Les Mis features Jean Valjean, a man who, through a series of unfortunate events, gets imprisoned for 20 years for simply stealing a loaf of bread to feed himself. I thought that was really epic, so I rolled with it, and that’s been my username ever since.

JagoBlake: That sounds like quite the book. What genres typically capture your interest as a reader?

stealinbread: I’m wide open with my taste in books. High or Dark Fantasy, Historical Fiction, History! Modern Day thrillers with a touch of magic. Dystopian novels. Anything that tells a compelling story, one that has a struggle and insurmountable odds to overcome.

JagoBlake: You’ve got good taste. In any case, back to the subject of gaming: what compelled you to pick up a controller for the first time?

stealinbread: About 20 years ago, it was my 6th birthday. I got a Super Nintendo from my Dad, and it came with Super Mario Kart, and Super Mario World. I just played and played and played that thing, a lot. The rest is history, I would get a gameboy the following year with Pokemon Yellow, and I stuck with it! I still have my SNES today, in fact. It’s a timeless system really.

JagoBlake: As is the Sega Genesis I’ve got sitting among my collection. To think Nintendo and Sega were once rivals that would eventually team up like they do now…times sure change. What are your opinions on that?

stealinbread: The SNES vs Genesis war of the mid 90’s never was a thing that presently affected me as a kid, as just about everyone I grew up with was either all about Nintendo, or got a Playstation later when that came out.

However, I will say that although the SNES has a ton of all time classics, the Genesis has a bunch of undiscovered gems in addition to its classics. The fact that they are working together now and coming out with smash hits like Sonic Mania is a testament to what happens when you combine two titans of gaming history.

JagoBlake: Ahem, lemme just say this while the temptation is strong: SONIC MANIA 2 OR ELSE, SEGA! 

Sorry, back to the discussion. So if I were to guess, a console made by Nintendo would be your current favorite to use?

stealinbread: As far as retro systems go, you just can’t beat the SNES, n64, gamecube era. And even the 3DS today has a robust library that rivals these old systems. But, surprisingly, I really, really enjoy the PS4 as far as modern day consoles go!

JagoBlake: The PlayStation 4? Now I’m curious. Care to touch upon that a bit?

stealinbread: Go ahead and laugh all you want, but I bought it JUST to play Persona 5 last year. I was planning on returning it, but I ended up liking it so much that I just… kept it! And I’m glad I did. There are so many good games on it – Dark Souls 3, Final Fantasy XV, Dragonball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World! It’s a very solid system, and this is coming from someone who generally doesn’t care about modern games.

I suppose it’s mostly because the PS4 has games that are designed that exude that “Nintendo-hard” difficulty that I crave so much.

JagoBlake: Certainly can’t argue that. Since you’re mentioning Dragonball FighterZ, which is currently the hot topic in the FGC, have you been investing time into the game since its release?

stealinbread: I don’t own it yet, but I play it a bunch at my friend’s house. I’m generally not a big part of the FGC, but I do follow people on twitter who are. Every day I see new tech being found for the game, new ways to link combos together, new setups, and so on. I may just have to pick it up and git gud.

JagoBlake: It must be asked. Whenever you play, what team do you use and why?

stealinbread: Android 18, Piccolo, Yamcha. Droid girl because who doesn’t like cute girls? Piccolo because I just like the way he controls. Yamcha because, he’s Yamcha. It’s a pleasant surprise that he’s considered a “top-tier” despite his power level in the actual story.

JagoBlake: He is not the first case of that and I guarantee he won’t be the last either. You should play in Cell Games whenever Ring Match finally gets fixed.

So next question. You mentioned an emphasis on speed-running. What is it about the craft that wins over your interest?

stealinbread: I might just have to try my hand at the Cell Games. I’m sure PrettyBoyJackal would whoop me good though!

So speedrunning, for any readers who don’t know, is beating a game from start to finish as fast as possible. When I first got into it, it was sort of magical, in a way, discovering new ways to play these retro games I had already played a bunch. Continually optimizing your movement and skill in a speedrun is very rewarding, especially when you get to showcase your run at a live marathon, like Speedrunning Expo or AGDQ.

JagoBlake: You did speed-runs for Speedrunning Expo and AGDQ? Got anything to say about your experience in that?

stealinbread: I’ve done many marathon runs for Speedrunning Expo, or just SRX for short. My most favorite ones to do were Super Metroid, and Final Fantasy 8. Showcasing those was a lot of fun, and meeting other people who also speedrun at the event was a blast! As for AGDQ, I’ve never actually done a run for them, but I did get to go this year, and it was a good experience overall.

JagoBlake: Excellent to hear! So just how did you come to hear about StreamMe?

stealinbread: So, at Speedrunning Expo 2017 Spring, which was the first SRX held on StreamMe, I got more acquainted with Cyberdemon531, and she introduced me to the site. I decided to start streaming here, and gave it a shot. The community here was very welcoming and here I am almost a year later, doing this full time. It has been a journey!

JagoBlake: I can imagine. What is it about the service that fascinates you?

stealinbread: The site is ad-free and has pretty much no delay, and quality options from the get-go. It also has a bunch of emote slots, 20 for each category. All these little things add up to a better viewer and streamer experience.
Also, I would be lying if I said the monthly contest wasn’t a factor. And the community, again, is just great. All the different multistreams I am a part of have some wonderful people.

JagoBlake: What elements of streaming do you find to be the most important? For example, the audience? Content creation? Etc.

stealinbread: The most important thing about streaming is having fun, and sharing with the world something you are deeply passionate about. Audience certainly plays a role, as fostering a good community does wonders for you and your viewers.

JagoBlake: Can you describe your general approach as a streamer?

stealinbread: Sure! Ever since I started in 2014, my approach has been keeping it simple & being genuine. A lot of streamers use fancy layouts and over the top donation/follow alerts, etc. I don’t really use any of that, I like a very simple, functional setup. I’ve always believed the game should take up the most space on the screen, with webcam and anything else being purely secondary. I never put on an act for stream either, what you see and hear is what you get – I act the same in real life. With so many hypebeasts in the world like Markiplier, and Youtubers like him, you have to stand out, you have to differentiate yourself and do something different. Chill streaming is where it’s at, if you’re an aspiring streamer.

JagoBlake: That would be your general advice to upcoming streamers, then?

stealinbread: Absolutely! In addition to that, for those wanting to stream, don’t worry about your view count or how active your chat is. Just stream what you like doing, and be passionate about it. Jump in a voice call with a couple of friends to fill in that dead air, that’s always fun! Keep doing it consistently and viewers will come, I promise.

JagoBlake: If there were any changes you feel could benefit StreamMe in the long run, what would they be?

stealinbread: I’ll go ahead and address functionality first – multistreams can sometimes be a little bit buggy, but the dev team seems to be on it consistently and it usually gets quickly resolved.

One thing that would be super neat is a “hosting” feature. Let’s say I just got done with my stream, and I’ve got 20 viewers still wanting to watch something. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could “host” another streamer, and send my viewers in chat to their stream, without anyone having to click a link? I usually just type in a link in chat and “raid” someone, but hosting would be a neat feature for sure that would make this process seamless.

Lastly, I remember mentioning that I like the ad-free aspect of the website, but top/bottom/side border ads wouldn’t bother me, and, perhaps, ad revenue would help the site a great deal.

Oh, one last thing – Once a week or month, having a selected streamer on the morning show would be super cool.

JagoBlake: The staff are always watching and listening. If you could recommend your favorite streamers to anyone, who and why?

stealinbread: I’ll give you my top 5:

Cyberdemon531 – Great speedrunner. Has a ton of world records. Kind of a big deal.
PvtCinnamonbun – Underrated speedrunner, does amazing commentary and is very chill.
Ryokif – One of the nicest people on streamMe, does a lot of art/perlers/board game streams.
gamerGeekChicUK – new streamer, generally plays PC games, she’s doing great so far.
minifridgeinthia – Guitar Hero Master, has great taste in music!

JagoBlake: Thanks for your suggestions, and thank you for your time! Any additional shout-outs you’d like to make before we close this out?

stealinbread: Shoutouts to ArtistSage for being my most loyal viewer! He’s been here since day 1. Thanks again for your time, JagoBlake!

Many thanks to stealinbread for taking the time to do this interview! What were your thoughts on his answers? Let us know through any of our social media listed in the closing portion of this article!

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