StreamMe Community Interview with @PrettyBoyJackal

Welcome back to our StreamMe Community Interview Series!

Today, we are going to be speaking with Broken Alliance's PrettyBoyJackal, known officially as BxA Jackal. Like our previous guests, Jackal has a hunger tied to competitive gaming, but his specialty lies in the fighting game genre. He currently competes in Injustice 2, DragonBall FighterZ, and Killer Instinct.

It was during the days of Killer Instinct Season 3 that Jackal's efforts began arresting the attention of competitors everywhere, and he would soon be signed by Broken Alliance as a player for their FGC division. He came within arm's reach of qualifying for last year's Killer Instinct World Cup by way of a last chance qualifier, a fact that further adds to his threat level as a player.

Since the World Cup, Jackal has expanded upon his lineup of games to practice in, and he is currently making plans to juggle an additional role as a tournament organizer for his local scene in Ohio. When the Kombat Cup and War of the Gods impacted the NRS community, Jackal was attracted to StreamMe, and his time on the site eventually re-ignited his spark to invest more time into the art of streaming.

In this interview, we offer insight into a player who knows only commitment as his way of life. We hope you enjoy the discussion!

JagoBlake: First question. Care to introduce yourself?

BxA|Jackal: My name is Garrad Belle, and I go by the tag Jackal.

JagoBlake: What inspired your gamer tag?

BxA|Jackal: Jackal isn't my original tag, but when I came back to the FGC from my exile, I felt that it was time for something new. Also Anubis, the God of Death, is a jackal.

JagoBlake: What is it about the fighting game genre that appealed to you enough to invest time into it?

BxA|Jackal: I've played fighting games since I was 8. I was drawn to the extravagance of them all. The colors, the music, the moves. When I found out that there was a competitive scene for FGs, it only deepened my hunger for them.

JagoBlake: Of all the fighting game titles that exist today, which would you consider to be the one that impacted you the most?

BxA|Jackal: I think you and I know the answer to this question.

JagoBlake: I think I do, but I'll let you say it anyway. :)

BxA|Jackal: Killer Instinct to this day is one of the most fun fighting games I've ever had the opportunity to play. Also because of it, I reached new heights in my competitive career that I never thought possible. I'll always love Killer Instinct. Fight on, and play KI.

JagoBlake: When it comes to picking the characters you want to invest time into, what factors into your decisions?

BxA|Jackal: I predominantly gravitate toward characters that feel like extensions of myself. Aesthetics mean a lot to me, so when it comes to picking a character, the design has to grab me first. I also prefer antiheroes and characters with a militant or sinister mindset, like Black Manta.

JagoBlake: Since you're mentioning Black Manta, how do you feel about where Injustice 2 currently stands as a competitive title, particularly after the introduction of the Legendary Edition patch?

BxA|Jackal: Injustice 2 at one point, was a premier competitive title, and I feel that it still can be. But in order for that to happen, the community and developers alike are going to have to be more proactive. Right now, we have members such as Romanova and ADSolo that produce quality content, but it's not enough. Additionally, the lack of visibility from the developers isn't helping either. People want to know what is going on with their game, and they deserve that.

JagoBlake: What are your plans in regards to competitive gaming for the 2018 season?

BxA|Jackal: As it stands right now, I am currently competing in Injustice 2 as my main focus, with Killer Instinct, and Dragon Ball FighterZ being secondary. My upcoming tournaments are Brutality, followed by Michigan Masters, Clutch '18, Ground Zero, and Combo Breaker. I'll also be taking a more proactive role as a TO again, while still competing.

JagoBlake: As you may know, the Las Vegas Esports Arena opened just two days ago. In addition, Esports Arena is expanding to Oakland later in April. Then you have the upcoming Esports Stadium set to open in Arlington this fall, as well as another Red Bull Gaming Sphere heading to London this month. We are seeing quite the uprise in esports arcades in these recent years. What are your thoughts on this development?

BxA|Jackal: I think that it could be a great thing. Note, I said could. The only way I believe this really works is if ALL major titles are included, not just one or two, which I fear may happen.

JagoBlake: You mentioned becoming more active as a TO. What exactly are your plans in that regard?

BxA|Jackal: I want to bring back consistency on a local scale. If it wasn't for the individuals that kept coming back to the arcade for games all those years ago, the FGC would not be where it is today. A lot of people have forgotten that, and I plan to open their eyes to this experience.

JagoBlake: You were signed as a player for Broken Alliance quite a while back, if I'm not mistaken. Have you any statement to make on your experience with the organization?

BxA|Jackal: BxA is definitely like a family. We've had our ups and downs, but I can confidently say that they've always been there for me and that they'll always have my back. Broken Alliance isn't the biggest organization, but it's definitely one of the hardest working, and that's the important part. I'm truly glad to be a part of the organization.

JagoBlake: How did you discover the StreamMe service? And what led you to use the service on a regular basis?

BxA|Jackal: Broken Alliance is partnered with StreamMe, and through that arrangement, I came to use the service. Why do I continue to use the service? When I use other streaming sites, I often feel like a statistic. Like I'm just another number. Here at this site, there's a stronger sense of community. When there's growth, I feel it.

JagoBlake: It is to my understanding that you have recently upgraded your setup for the purpose of streaming. Would you say that your time on StreamMe contributed to your desire to become a streamer?

BxA|Jackal: Yes.

JagoBlake: What aspects of StreamMe do you feel could see a needed improvement in the future?

BxA|Jackal: I feel that the number one priority for StreamMe right now should be implementing a "host," feature for the desktop site, followed by console app that can be used on Xbox One and PS4.

JagoBlake: Not long ago, we saw a series of polls from FGC members listing their top five players who inspire them the most. Care to list yours here if you have any?

BxA|Jackal: In no particular order, I'd have to say my Top 5 FGC inspirations would have to be Perfect Legend, Yipes, MKReo, Bass, and Sleep.

JagoBlake: As you may know, a $15,000 prize pool was announced for Killer Instinct at Combo Breaker. What do you make of this?

BxA|Jackal: Pulling from my previous statement regarding visibility within a game's community, it's amazing that Killer Instinct is receiving this level of support, but why wasn't any information given sooner? There were questions about this months ago, and keeping a community in the dark for so long, can cause these kinds of things to backfire.

JagoBlake: Of all the streamers in the StreamMe community, can you name up to three or five that you would like to recommend to the readers?

BxA|Jackal: At the top of my list I'd have to say Stealinbread for sure, followed by Zuul78, RabidPixy, Nitzbond, and QRGaming.

JagoBlake: We thank you for your time and for your input! In closing, do you wish to make any shout-outs?

BxA|Jackal: Of course! To Stealinbread and Mr. Aquaman, thank you so much for the support and aid that you've both have given me during my time on StreamMe. Because of you guys, I've managed to find my place here, and have been able to grow because of it! Also, to all of my regular viewers(Titantnt8, ShinobiNetwork, UltimateVitality, and to name a few), thank you so much for your continued support! I would not be here if it wasn't for you all!

Our thanks go out to Jackal for taking time out of his schedule to make this interview happen! As someone who is acquainted with Jackal, I am in admiration of his tireless work ethic. I can say without a doubt that we will be hearing from him in the FGC for decades to come.

We will be back soon with our next guest. Hint: you will not have to wait until April for this next interview, because we're coming at you with not one, but two guests this month. ;)

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