Farewell February


Now you can earn cold hard CASH just for referring your favorite streamers to our site! Refer a streamer who places in the contest and you’ll get 10% of their contest winnings PLUS you’ll get 5% of any subscription or sparkle earnings that streamer makes (the streamer will still receive 100% of their winnings and earnings)!

We’re super excited to be able to reward our users for bringing more people to the site and helping us grow. Please drop us a line if there’s a way we can make referrals even easier for you to use!

Subscriber Only Viewing

We’ve added a new way for streamers to spoil their subscribers with exclusive content! On your Stream Settings page, simply enable the toggle for Subscriber Only Viewing and start streaming. All your logged in subscribers will be able to enjoy your exclusive stream and any non-subscribers will be prompted to subscribe, if they want to take part in the fun!





A Few Small Improvements

We’ve added notifications for channel owners that will tell you when someone wins a raffle in your channel.





There’s now a way to grab a link that will direct your friends to a specific timestamp in an archive video so you can show them EXACTLY what crazy thing happened at 00:23:06. 





Topics within Categories are now ordered by most popular! And just a friendly reminder to use Topics whenever possible to make sure your live streams and archives can be found more easily. If you don’t see a Topic you need, just ask us at support@stream.me!


We can’t wait to share the amazing features we have on the docket for March! Make sure to keep an eye out for mobile app updates. 

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