Building Communities on

We want to create a feature that allows streamers and viewers to build communities together.

A lot of you use our multistream feature in this way, which is amazing, but it was not originally built to support the things you need for building a community that interacts on a regular basis. You, the users, get to decide what our features actually get used for, no matter what we intended, and what we’ve noticed goes beyond any expectations we had in the beginning.

To help support the growing need for community building amongst streamers, we’d like to create a space, separate from multistreams, that gives you these extra options for growing your channels and communities while giving you more control over how you interact with our site.

In addition, we’d like to help promote community building between streamers and viewers that helps viewers find good, relevant content to watch and involves viewers more in the unique streamer-viewer relationship.

While we do that, we’d like to hear what you think is necessary for a feature like this to actually be valuable to you.

  • What things are missing from multistream that prevent you from building your community further?  (e.g. we limit you to 20 participants)

  • What would you consider “collaborating” to mean amongst streamers?

  • How would you like to interact with members? (e.g. forum, status updates, chat)

  • Would you want to include some sort of revenue sharing for this collaboration? What would you expect that to look like? (i.e. How would you get revenue, how would you split it and who would you split it with?)

  • For viewers - how would you want to be able to interact with streamers and contribute to the community as a whole?

  • Generally speaking, what are the must-haves for building communities on

Please leave your comments on this post to start the discussion. Feel free to think completely outside the box. All ideas are welcome!

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