Announcing #WarOfTheGods Season 3!

You wanted a runback? Well, you've got it!

StreamMe is proud to present a third season to our highly successful Injustice 2 circuit, War of the Gods!

If you participated in one or both of our previous seasons, we're happy to welcome you back to the arena for another nine-week run! To all newcomers, your presence is just as welcome. In preparation for the season, we'd like to give you a breakdown about what to expect from us.

The season will run for nine weeks, beginning with its first bracket on June 10th. Unlike in the last two seasons, preliminaries for each bracket will run their course on Sundays at 6 P.M. Eastern Time, and Top 8 finals will conclude on Wednesdays at 8 EST.

All broadcasts pertaining to War of the Gods will be shared live via, which is also the home of our weekly Friday series called The Clash (see here for details on how The Clash functions). We advise following the channel and enabling email notifications so that you won't miss out on the action!

If the shades in our teaser here weren't enough of a giveaway, @MisterAquaman will be making his return to the microphone as a Season 3 commentator. In addition, he'll be joined by @Echo_FGC once more.

League points will be distributed to the Top 32 players each week, along with cash prizes going out to the Top 3. These points are crucial to your climb up the standings in Season 3. At the end of the season, the eight players with the highest amount of points earned will qualify for the Season 3 Finale of War of the Gods.

See below for the prizes up for grabs with each weekly bracket.

First Place: $100 and 150 points
Second Place: $60 and 125 points
Third Place: $40 and 100 points
Fourth Place: 75 points
Fifth through Eighth Place: 50 points
Ninth through Sixteenth Place: 30 points
Seventh through Thirty-Second Place: 15 points

For Season 3, we are offering a total prize pool of $5,000. $200 in total will be awarded to the Top 3 every week, whereas the remaining amount - $3,200 - will be split between the eight players that make it into the Season Finale. Once again, see our scale below to learn how much you can earn depending on how well you place in the finale.

First Place: $1,200
Second Place: $700
Third Place: $500
Fourth Place: $300
Fifth Place: $150
Seventh Place: $100

The game to be featured in War of the Gods Season 3 is Injustice 2. Brackets will be played online via the Playstation 4. Once again, only North American participants (Canada and the USA) will be eligible to participate in War of the Gods, but there will be no age limit in effect. Should any underage players earn cash prizes from the league, however, parental assistance will be required in order to claim your earnings.

As far as scheduling our brackets goes, we'll be working to ensure that they do not overlap with any major offline events involving Injustice 2. As such, we will be scheduling brackets on a case-by-case basis while taking holiday breaks here and there. It is recommended you follow @StreamMe on Twitter to stay informed on when each bracket will take place.

Ready to prove your worth?! Then visit here to sign up for Week 1! We'll see you on June 10th for our opening bracket!


3rd place seems to be the magic number in our rankings, because in Seasons 1 and 2, both finales were taken by players who'd had the third-highest amount of league points. In the case of Season 1, it was taken by Allegiance Dragon, and in Season 2, Noble Tweedy would emerge victorious.

Dragon stayed within the Winner's Bracket throughout the Season 1 Finale, toppling Noble Rewind in Grand Finals to become the champion. Tweedy, however, had a bigger obstacle to overcome in Season 2's endgame. He was sent into Loser's Bracket early in the finale, but it was then that he began a trek to Grand Finals that left all other finalists charred from the ensuing heat of the battle. He eventually came face-to-face with Emperor Kombat in Grand Finals, where he toppled Kombat's Firestorm to become the Season 2 Finale Champion.

For any newcomers eager to see how both seasons went down, we'd like to present our video archives of both season finales. Check them out!

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