Win Money Every WEEK - Top Streamer Contest Update

You read that right - our Top Streamer Contest will now be a WEEKLY contest instead of a monthly contest!

Starting July 1st, you'll have more chances to win without having to change a thing. The prizes will be adjusted to allow us to spread the prize money out throughout the month. For example, first place will be $650 but you'll be able to win sooner and more frequently.

We'll be trying out this new format for the entire month of July and possibly longer. Once the trial run is over, with feedback from you, we'll decide whether to continue with that format or switch back to the monthly format.

Because the contest will only be weekly, you'll likely accumulate fewer points. Due to this, we'll be suspending sparkle points for this new format until we can determine how much they should be worth to keep the contest fair for everyone. All other points will remain the same.

Once the new contest format is underway (or even before then), we'd love to hear what you think. Join our Discord or email us at

See you Sunday, July 1st at midnight UTC!

Note: Please allow up to 5 business days for payment from the weekly contest. We want to pay you out as quickly as possible, so make sure all your Payment Information is up-to-date and correct.

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