Announcing the StreamMe #Fortnite Challenges!

Since the release of Fortnite, it has practically taken over the whole world. In fact, even those not fully invested in gaming have found themselves unable to put down the controller once a copy of the game fell into their hands. It is seen everywhere, from nurturing a growing esports community to becoming the subject of a collection of memes.

If you so happen to play and stream Fortnite, then we've got something just for you! As of yesterday, we have launched a new series called the StreamMe Fortnite Challenges!

In the Fortnite Challenge Series, players will complete a series of in-game objectives every week. Whenever an objective is completed, the player who does so will be awarded an entry into a monthly raffle where prizes will be handed out to our lucky winners. In addition, they will win a specified value of V-Bucks, a form of in-game currency that you can utilize to purchase content via the Vindertech Store option.

Along with the weekly challenges, a special monthly challenge will be up for grabs as well. This will reset at the end of every month.

Regardless of what platform you play Fortnite on, all players are eligible to take part in this challenge. That includes Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC! The only requirement is that you are able to stream and/or record your footage for submission, and that all streamed footage is shared via StreamMe.

Of course, competitors will want to be aware of a series of guidelines that must be followed in order to become eligible for prizes:

1. All challenges must be captured/streamed with a duration of at least thirty minutes. Naturally, if your challenge is streamed, it must be done on StreamMe. Visit here to create your account and get started on learning to use our service!

2. All challenges may only be completed once per cycle. However, each player may complete all available challenges if they so choose. New challenges will launch every Saturday.

3. Archives must be enabled so that your footage of a Fortnite challenge can be submitted. To submit said footage, visit here.

4. The V-Bucks will be awarded to the first player who succeeds in completing a challenge for which their footage is submitted.

5. Raffle winners will be announced live at the end of every month via

Complete information regarding the StreamMe Fortnite Challenges is available for review at

Don't have your copy of Fortnite yet? Visit the link below that corresponds to your platform of choice in order to download the product FOR FREE.

Playstation Store - Fortnite
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Nintendo eShop - Fortnite

We look forward to seeing you in the arena today! Good luck completing these objectives!

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