StreamMe San Antonio Update


Hello everyone!  

We would like to share some updates on the changes going on at the StreamMe studio. If you did not know, StreamMe has its own production studio in beautiful San Antonio, TX, located just an hour away from StreamMe HQ. This facility is the home of various StreamMe productions such as War Of The Gods and Coffee Talk. These tournaments and shows are one of the ways we bring in new users to StreamMe, and recently we have added two new competitions that are designed to do likewise.

At the beginning of the month, we launched Fortnite Challenges which reward those who stream and play Fortnite on Stream.Me. This is different from our standard tournaments because it rewards those who utilize our platform. You have to broadcast to Stream.Me in order to win. After the first week, we noticed new streamers popping up, so we expanded the idea even further by adding daily challenges to keep streamers interested, as well as Fortnite Win Streak which showcases the best Fortnite players on StreamMe.

With the “Play. Stream. Win.”  format bringing in new users, we here at the StreamMe studio have decided to change our regular programming to accommodate the time and resources needed to expand on these new incentives. As a result, Coffee Talk will no longer be a daily show and will be replaced by a weekly live-stream where we provide updates on the StreamMe platform. Things like app updates, new features, new tournaments and contests, and so on. Furthermore, The Grind will also no longer be a daily show, but instead it will return to its original purpose of showcasing new game titles on launch days (anyone excited for Call of Duty Black Ops 4?!).

We know some people have come to love these StreamMe original shows, and we deeply appreciate your support. Once again, we firmly believe that these changes will help bring in new users to the platform, which has been our goal since Day 1.

From everyone at Stream.Me, thank you for your continued support!  

-StreamMe Studio Staff


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