"Play! Stream! Win!" Learn more about the #Fortnite WinStreak events by StreamMe!

With so many new streamers joining our community, we decided to release this post in an effort to inform you on a recent add-on we've made to the StreamMe Fortnite Challenges.

At StreamMe, our goal is to turn the art of streaming into a task that rewards both streamers and viewers alike. That is why we decided to apply a special twist for our Fortnite streamers enabling them to turn their win streaks into...get ready for this...cash prizes.

Hence...the name of our Fortnite add-on: the StreamMe Fortnite WinStreak!

Every Wednesday and Saturday, you play online matches in Fortnite Solo Mode and attempt to build upon a win streak for as long as you possibly can. The primary catch to this is that you must broadcast your gameplay session directly to your StreamMe channel while doing this, so that you will have archives ready to present when confirming your results (check your account settings to ensure that your archives will be saved after each stream!).

If you do not have your StreamMe page set up yet, please visit www.stream.me in order to create your account.

"So...how much can you earn just from being good at Fortnite?"

Glad you asked! See our payout scale below!

- every win with at least three eliminations is worth $5.
- a five-win streak earns you a staggering $200.
- for each additional win after the five-win streak, you make another $50.
- for every five eliminations per match won, you earn $3.

Wow. That's a lot of cash to be made!

When you complete your Fortnite gameplay session, visit info.stream.me/winstreak to submit your archive and obtain your winnings. Be sure to include a time stamp so we can identify where and when you achieved your goal, and don't forget to mention your account name as well. We also recommend sharing your achievement via your Twitter so that we can celebrate it with you by promoting your post!

Other rules to be mindful of when participating in the WinStreak:

- all archives must be submitted within twenty-four hours of the end of the day.
- include a 15-second clip of your replay board showing your wins and eliminations after each win.
- when streaming, ensure that the topic on your page has been set to "Fortnite."
- any matches you participate in must include at least sixty players.
- each win in your streak must also include at least three eliminations.
- any streaks with any matches that occur at least an hour apart from one another will not be counted.
- a one-win prize does not stack with streaks.
- elimination prizes are paid out only in increments of five (e.g. $3 for 8-12 eliminations, $6 for 13-17 eliminations, and so on). All five eliminations must occur within a single win.

Again, bear in mind that our WinStreak events are active only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For every other day of the week, you can instead complete various challenges to obtain V-Bucks and an entry into a monthly raffle where you could be lucky enough to earn an awesome prize! Visit info.stream.me/fortnite to learn more about our Fortnite Challenges!

For those wondering, the StreamMe Fortnite Challenges and WinStreak are open to all Fortnite players regardless of what platform they play on. So whether you play Fortnite on the PS4, Xbox One, PC or even the Nintendo Switch, everyone is eligible to participate as long as they are able to broadcast their sessions to StreamMe!

If you don't have your copy of Fortnite yet, it's free to play. Visit the link below that corresponds to your platform of choice in order to download the product!

Playstation Store - Fortnite
Xbox Store - Fortnite
PC Version - Fortnite
Nintendo eShop - Fortnite

In closing, for those of you who have just started broadcasting on StreamMe, we would like to point out our weekly contests where the top thirty streamers are awarded cash prizes! Unlike with the Fortnite WinStreak, you do not have to play any specific titles to earn these prizes...literally all you have to do is stream. That's it. :D

To learn more about our weekly contests, please read through this page.

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