Introducing the StreamMe #IslandsofNyne Challenges!

In case you missed it, we have introduced a new challenge series for the newest battle royale title on the block: Islands of Nyne!

Similar to the StreamMe Fortnite Challenges, players can complete various challenges in Islands of Nyne while broadcasting to StreamMe to win not in-game currency, but actual cash prizes! Each challenge may only be completed once, but each player may attempt to complete more than one challenge if they are available.

We offer two types of challenges: a daily challenge (these reset every day at midnight Eastern Time) and weekly challenges (these reset every Friday at midnight). The amount of cash to be won differs with each challenge.

Whenever a challenge is completed, players can visit to submit any archives that have their achievements recorded. Speaking of archives, make sure to verify that the archives are enabled on your channel so that all of your streaming sessions are recorded (click the "Settings" tab on your account page to find the option for archives).

As stated beforehand, these challenges are eligible only to those streaming Islands of Nyne on StreamMe. If you don't have your StreamMe account set up yet, visit to get started!

Rules to keep in mind when participating in the StreamMe Islands of Nyne Challenges:

- all archived challenges must be recorded at a length of at least thirty minutes on the Stream.Me platform.
- ensure that the in-game user interface is visible so that all information, kill feed and counters included, are visible.
- each challenge may only be completed once. However, if more than one challenge is available, players may continue to complete these challenges.
- the date of the archive must be within the time frame of the posted challenge.
- when streaming, ensure that your topic is set to "Islands of Nyne."
- at times, your completed challenges may be shared via the StreamMe Twitter in order to promote your content!

Think you've got what it takes to complete our challenges? Then fire up your stream and get ready to drop into the arena!

Islands of Nyne is currently available in its early access phase on Steam (PC). If you'd like to give the game a go, visit here to download it!

For any Fortnite streamers also looking to make some cash, we offer a similar contest called the StreamMe Fortnite WinStreak, where Fortnite streamers can complete specified challenges every Saturday and Wednesday to win cash prizes! See this article to learn more on how to participate.

Finally, regardless of whatever game you prefer to stream, StreamMe offers a weekly contest where the top thirty streamers are paid out for their consistency. And what do you have to do to compete? It really couldn't be easier...all you have to do is stream as often as you can!

For more information on our weekly streamer contests, visit this page.

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