The #InjusticeProSeries will now be broadcast LIVE on StreamMe!

We are extremely thrilled to announce that the Injustice 2 Pro Series has expanded to StreamMe! Starting this weekend at EVO 2018, all events pertaining to the Pro Series will be broadcast to StreamMe in addition to its other platforms!

The Injustice 2 Pro Series, which is brought to you by SIMPLE Mobile and Samsung this year, is a highly competitive circuit that caters to the Netherrealm Studios community. Players will compete in multiple Injustice 2 events, offline and online, to collect league points that will improve their IPS standings (seen here). Portions of a $150,000 prize pool will be up for grabs throughout the entire circuit as well, with the largest share, $50,000, to be distributed at the IPS Season 2 Finals in Los Angeles later this year.

Like last year, the goal of this year's IPS is to determine which sixteen players will proceed to the IPS Season 2 Finals. Twelve will be decided by being among the top points holders this season, whereas three other spots will be awarded to the winners of the Injustice 2 European Program, the Liga Latina esports program in Latin America, and the Injustice 2 Elite Circuit in Canada. The final spot will be awarded to the winner of a Last Chance Qualifier that will take place the day before the IPS finals.

The Injustice 2 Pro Series will continue this Friday with Evolution 2018, which is marked as a Premier Event with a $10,000 prize pool included among the winnings. Pools will take place this Friday and will be played down to the last eight players who will proceed to the Injustice 2 World Finals this Saturday at Noon Pacific Time.

You can look forward to catching the excitement at EVO via the latest channel for the IPS:!

Furthermore, in celebration of this collaboration with the Injustice Pro Series, we will be conducting a giveaway during the EVO weekend! Prizes to be won include codes for any of the three Fighter Packs in-game, a magnificent bag modeled after Injustice 2, and additional codes that will credit Source Crystals to your account. These goodies will be usable for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Your only requirement to entering this giveaway is simply to tune in to the Netherrealm StreamMe channel when it's live, so be sure you follow the page to avoid missing out on an opportunity!

IPS2 StreamMe.png

Injustice 2 is the sequel to the highly successful Injustice: Gods Among Us, produced and released by Netherrealm Studios. It brings together iconic heroes and villains around the world, plus two Mortal Kombat characters, to battle it out across beautifully detailed worlds consisting of environmental dangers and background action. The game follows a legacy curve in which it retains the movesets of returning characters (albeit with slight differences), while adding in newcomers with their own abilities. Furthermore, players have access to new mechanics such as the air escape and the dodge roll, both of which require meter to be accessible.

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