Announcing the StreamMe ULTIMATE Fortnite Challenge!

Fortnite streamers, we're upping the ante!

As of today, we have launched the StreamMe Ultimate Fortnite Challenge, which will test your Fortnite skills like never before! This contest will be in effect until the 31st of August.

There's only one objective, but it's going to be a lot more challenging than you can must attain the highest number of kills in a Fortnite Solos match, and it must be done while streaming to your StreamMe account. Once you've set your record, have your archive ready for submission via

The top five streamers holding the highest records upon the conclusion of the Fortnite Ultimate Challenges will win their portion of a $1,700 prize pool! The payout will be divided as follows:

- 1st Place: $600
- 2nd Place: $450
- 3rd Place: $300
- 4th Place: $250
- 5th Place: $100

For the entirety of the Ultimate Challenge, we will display a leaderboard illustrating the current records. This leaderboard will be updated at noon EST every day.

When attempting to complete this challenge, be sure that your stream's topic has been set to "Fortnite" and to include the hashtag #FortniteChallenges in your broadcast title.

You may make multiple attempts at this challenge in order to improve upon your record, but you may submit no more than one archive per day.

Other rules to be mindful of:

- all archives must be submitted within the time frame for the Ultimate Challenges. Your time zone does not matter in regards to this.
- you are not required to win your match. You only need the most kills out of all participants.
- all archives that are submitted must be greater than thirty minutes in length.
- when submitting archives, ensure that the in-game user interface (UI) is visible, and that the Replay Board is shown for at least 15 seconds. In the case of a tie, the Replay Board and archive timestamps will be used to determine the result.

Think you've got what it takes to rise to the ULTIMATE challenge?! Then we will see you in the arena! :D

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