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Some of you may have taken notice of some of the newer features being integrated into the service. For those of you that haven't, or if you're new here, we'd like to bring you up to speed, so let's get started!

Stream Countdown

Do you stream sporadically or with a schedule? If your answer is the latter, you'll find this feature quite convenient! Streamers now have the option to display a timer showing when their next broadcast will take place.

To do so, simply visit your account settings, click "Stream Setup," then click "Stream." The setting should appear as illustrated in the image below.

Stream Countdown.png

If done correctly, you should see a countdown overlapping with your stream's banner. See the image below for an example (the channel on display is www.stream.me/war).

Stream Countdown 2.png

Suggested Streams

One second you're watching a stream, and the next, it goes offline. "Man," you think to yourself. "What am I gonna do with my time now?"

Well...we just may have the solution for you! When a broadcast reaches its conclusion, StreamMe will immediately produce a list of streams whose topic is the same as that of the one you just finished watching. For instance, if a Fortnite stream just came to an end, we will show you other Fortnite streams that you can consider tuning in to if you haven't had your fill.

Multistream "About" Page

When you are watching a multistream, which is defined as a group of streams shared via the same page, you should notice a list of tabs across the bottom of the page. One of those tabs should be listed as "About," which provides a description of the multistream you are watching, provided that such a description has been typed out by one of the members participating in the multistream.

Once the multistream comes to an end, the page will show its About tab by default.

Hashtags in URL

Users can now utilize hashtags when searching for any live streams whose titles include the hashtag you choose. You will type this information into your browser's address bar as "https://www.stream.me/tag/", then follow it with the hashtag of your choice.

An example: when searching for streams that include #WinStreakChallenge in their title, you would type out the following URL: https://www.stream.me/tag/winstreakchallenge. This can be applied to any hashtag you choose, provided that other streams are using it at the time.

Email Notifications for New Followers

Whenever your stream is inactive, you may still find yourself earning new followers, though you would not come to this realization until the next time you checked your follower count. Perhaps you're the type of streamer who takes the time to express your gratitude to anyone who shows their support for your content.

Problem solved! Whenever a user follows your channel, we will send you an email notification letting you know of the occasion. This setting is enabled by default, but you can visit your account settings to disable it if you so choose. To do so, visit your account page, click "Settings," then click "Notifications" to find the option, which should appear as illustrated below.


Polling for Mobile Users

Up until now, all user polls on StreamMe allowed only PC users to submit their votes. We have finally expanded upon this so that mobile users can partake in our polls as well! The option to do so should appear while you are watching a StreamMe broadcast via your phone.

That should cover all the essentials today, but we will post again when we have more information to share. In the meantime, know that we are working tirelessly to continue improving upon your experience as a user of our services. As always, we are open to your feedback.

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