Eight Players will compete for $3,000 in the StreamMe #Fortnite Winstreak Invitational on September 16th!

On September 1st, we dropped a teaser for an invitational event that is exclusive to our Fortnite Winstreak series…the StreamMe Fortnite Winstreak Invitational!

Out of everybody who has participated in the Winstreak, we have selected eight competitors for a double elimination bracket that will take place this Sunday, September 16th. These players will enter duos games in an effort to amass as many eliminations as is possible, similar to the normal rules outlining the Winstreak.

Each match will consist of two games. The player who obtains the highest total of eliminations after both games will advance through the bracket, while the loser is either dropped into Loser’s Bracket or eliminated from the event.

In the event of a tie, an additional game will be played as a tie-breaker. The winner of the tie-breaker will advance.

A $3,000 prize pool will be split across the Top 4 finishers. The payout will be as follows:

  • The winner will receive $1,200.

  • Second place will receive $800.

  • Third place receives $600.

  • Fourth place wins $400.

Of course, you’ve understandably wondered, “So who are the eight players that will be participating in the Winstreak Invitational?”

At the time of the initial announcement, we weren’t prepared to answer that question…but tonight, we are pleased to introduce our competitors! Each player’s StreamMe channels will be linked in their names, and we encourage you to follow all of them!

All eight of these challengers have demonstrated incredible consistency throughout all of our Winstreak events, and as such, it pleases us to invite each to them to an arena where they can test their skills against the best of the best! However, only one of them will be crowned the Fortnite Winstreak Invitational Champion.

The complete ruleset for the Winstreak Invitational may be reviewed at info.stream.me/winstreaktournament.

The action will be streamed live via www.stream.me/Fortnite. Ensure you are following the channel and that your email notifications are enabled so that you don’t miss out!

As for the mandatory Winstreak, it remains in effect for this Wednesday (tomorrow) and Saturday. If you wish to participate, please visit info.stream.me/winstreak for details. Both Fortnite and your participation in the Winstreak are completely free, so you have nothing to lose!

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