Win the #Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass this simply streaming Fortnite!

The title pretty much tells the whole story!

Today, the popular free-to-play Battle Royale enters into its sixth season, and with a new season comes a new Battle Pass. Darkness rises as the month of October looms around the corner!

The Pass itself costs 950 V-Bucks (in-game currency), but if you’d prefer not to drop the cash, StreamMe is presenting an opportunity for you to claim the Season 6 Battle Pass FOR FREE.

“How can I do that?”, you ask? The criteria couldn’t be simpler! From September 29th to the 30th - in other words, this Saturday and Sunday - you must stream Fortnite for at least eight hours using our service.

Once you do so, your archive must be submitted via

Like with our other challenges, you do not have to complete this one in a single setting. If need be, you can submit more than one archive from your stream until your submissions equal eight hours or more in total time.

We only advise that while you are streaming, you ensure that your channel’s topic is set to “Fortnite” so that your page will be eligible for consideration, and so that viewers can discover you.

Don’t have an account on StreamMe yet? Visit to get started! Should you have any questions, an FAQ will be linked at the bottom of the page provided.

Once you’ve submitted your archives, you’ll be entered for your chance to win the Season 6 Battle Pass. The winner will be announced via our social media, which is linked at the bottom.

And…that’s that! We wish you the best of luck, streamers!

For a complete breakdown on what the Season 2 Battle Pass contains, you can consult this blog post by Epic Games. Furthermore, Season 6 Patch Notes can be reviewed here.

In closing, we’d like to mention that StreamMe hosts Daily Challenges and a funded WinStreak series for Fortnite! The former is available every day of the week, whereas the latter is reserved specifically for Wednesdays (Solos) and Saturdays (Duos). Should you opt to grind either series (or both), you’ll win various prizes and can expect a promotion of your channel!

Visit the pages listed below to learn more.

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