Stream the #BattlefieldVBeta from September 6-11 to win your free copy of the game!

Battlefield V is set to deploy for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 20th (original release date was October 19th, but in light of the overabundance in release dates set for the month, a change was deemed necessary).

That said, from September 6-11, the DICE team (developers for Battlefield V) are hosting an open beta for the game across all three platforms. In the beta, combatants can spar in a 64-player Conquest Mode, drop into the Arctic Fjord map for Grand Operations, or partake in a five-chapter mode called Tides of War, a story mode covering an ever-evolving journey through the events of World War 2. Complete details on the beta can be found here.

Do you enjoy streaming? If so, we invite you to partake in a friendly contest where the winner(s) will be gifted with a free copy of Battlefield V, whether it be the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition! This contest will be live for as long as the open beta is online!

The objective is excruciatingly simple: you must stream your copy of the Battlefield V Open Beta on your StreamMe account for at least ten hours. This does not have to be performed in one session either; you can stream the beta more than once to fulfill the time requirement if necessary.

Once that's done, you can submit the links to your archive(s) via, as well as your username on StreamMe. Doing so will immediately enter you for a raffle where you can (hopefully) win your ultimate prize.

If your archives are not enabled, you will not be able to save your past streaming sessions to your account. You can fix this by going to your account and visiting the Stream Settings tab. Furthermore, when streaming the Battlefield beta, ensure that your page's topic has been set to "Battlefield V" so as to ensure that viewers will discover your channel.

For those who do not have an account on StreamMe, you can visit to get started!

Winners will be announced via all of our social media, which is linked at the bottom of this article. Please follow the accounts to stay informed.

Battlefield V has never looked better, and all of us at StreamMe are eager to airdrop into the arena this November! The final product will be supported by live updates throughout its lifespan, and comes with up to eight multiplayer modes, a single player mode, and of course, a Battle Royale mode.

Full updates on what to expect from Battlefield V are available at as well as the @Battlefield Twitter account.

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