Start Broadcasting

With OBS Studio

Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

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1. Download

Download OBS Studio. Select Your Operating System. Click Download Installer.


2. Open The File

Open the downloaded file either from your browser's quick download bar or your usual Downloads folder.

You'll see a dialog asking: "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?" Click Yes.

3. Install

Once you've opened the file, Setup will begin. Click Next then I Agree. Select the folder you'd like to keep OBS in, then click Install. Install the selected plugins. Watch the green bar fill up. Afterwards, leave the checkmark for 'Run Open Studio' and click Finish. This will open OBS.

4. Set Up OBS

Continue with the Auto-Configuration Wizard. This will select the best settings for your system. (You can always change settings after)

Don't see the Auto-Configuration Wizard? Click Tools then Auto-Configuration Wizard.


Optimize for streaming should already be selected the click Next.


Select the resolution and frame rate you would like to stream at then click Next.. Don't know what resolution to stream at? We have some recommendations here.


Select Service then Show All... then click on Copy your stream key from Stream Settings then paste it in the Stream Key field in the Auto-Configuration window to the right of Stream Key. Click next to continue.

Start the bandwidth test. Click Yes.


Wait for the bandwidth test to complete. NOTE: Your stream will go live several times while testing bandwidth. 

Final Results. Feel free to apply these setting by clicking Apply Settings. NOTE: The settings in this screenshot are NOT recommend. To see the settings we recommend click here.


Welcome to OBS Studio! 

Now let's tweak your settings and get you streaming!


5. Settings

Click the Settings button or click File then Settings. This is where we will change some of the settings that the Auto-Configuration set.

Bitrate and Encoder

In Settings then click on the Output tab. Under the Streaming section you can change the bitrate to best match your internet speed, resolution, and frame rate. View our recommend settings to pick the best Bitrate for your stream.

Video and Frame Rate

While still in Settings click on the Video tab. This is where you can change the resolution and frame rate of your stream. View our recommend settings to pick the best resolution and frame rate for your stream.

Server and Stream Key

Still in Settings click on the Stream tab. Here you can change the Stream.Me server you broadcast to. NOTE: Select the server that is closest to your location. You can also change your stream key if need be. 

Woo! The boring stuff is over!

Now let's build your stream!

6. Adding Sources

Game Capture

Game Capture adds games running on your computer.

Click on the + icon at the bottom of the Sources section. This will open the Create/Select Source window. Create new Game Capture by giving this source a name. (optional) Then click OK.

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