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Make Money Doing What You Love.

Win part of a $3,000 prize pool every week by broadcasting to StreamMe.

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Start Streaming To Start Winning!

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You're in the money in the top 30. 




Stream! Viewer minutes and points start to accumulate automatically as soon as any registered viewer starts watching your stream. Get points for almost everything you do on StreamMe. The streamer at the end of the month with the most points takes it all.

See Point System




Tell everyone you know about StreamMe with your referral link.

  • Refer a user who places in the contest and earn 10% of the prize money! For example if you refer a user who places 5th in the contest, they'll receive their full $175 and you'll get $17.5 just for referring them. You'll continue to earn 10% of their prize every month they place in the contest.
  • Refer a user who receives subscriptions, gifts or stickers revenue and earn 5% of the earnings (the referred user still receives 100% of their earnings).
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