.@2GGaming presents the #HyruleSaga, coming June 23-24, 2018!

"Hey, listen!"

No, that wasn't Navi pestering you to offer advice. We're posting to share with you the news of an upcoming event by @2GGaming, one that celebrates a franchise that has touched our hearts for three decades.

This June, the Smash 4 community will converge on Thunder Studios to participate in the 2GG Hyrule Saga, a Smash-centric event that celebrates all things tied to The Legend of Zelda! The venue can be found at the following address:

Thunder Studios
20434 S Santa Fe Ave
Long Beach, CA, 90810

In addition to providing brackets for Smash 4, the Hyrule Saga will feature a myriad of activities where players can test their worth in games from the Zelda franchise. One such example is a Wii-U title called Hyrule Warriors, for which entry is currently free, and other titles will be announced as we draw closer to June 23rd.

To clarify, if you opt to participate in Smash 4 at the Hyrule Saga, you are not restricted to using characters from the Zelda franchise only (Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik and Ganondorf). You may use whomever you please!

If you pre-register by the end of tonight, you'll receive a free Zelda t-shirt and free entry for Smash 4 Doubles at the Hyrule Saga! But if you haven't yet registered, you should do so posthaste so you don't miss out! As of now, the entry fee is priced at $30 until February 26th, at which point it will increase by $5.

To register for the Hyrule Saga, simply visit smash.gg/2gg-hyrule-saga!

Since the saga's announcement last week, registrations have quickly climbed to approximately two-hundred players! We are excited to see how much the numbers will increase over the months as we count down to the Hyrule Saga!

The 2GGaming team is an organization that nurtures the competitive scene in California. It places an emphasis on its support for Smash 4 and Melee but has begun an expansion in its lineup to cover multiple areas of the fighting game community (such as the SCR Saga last year). For updates on their events, follow our blog and their Twitter account!


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