Team @Methodgg signs @ImStilldadaddy and @BroskiFGC

Last week, Team Method signed a duo of Street Fighter V players in preparation for the Gfinity Elite Series and this year's Capcom Pro Tour!

One of those players is Sean "ImStillDadaddy" Dench, a formidable Guile player from the United Kingdom. He participated in both seasons of the Gfinity Elite Series last year, and ended both his runs with 3rd and 4th place finishes simultaneously. He also came within arm's length of qualifying for the finals in Capcom Cup 2016, but ultimately he finished the season at 40th place with 135 CPT points.

He has been competing since the days of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and that has not lessened in the slightest with Street Fighter V. In fact, his time on the game inspired him to start traveling across Europe to broaden his horizons and improve his skills against the best of the best. That very same drive guided him to North America to participate in EVO 2017, where over 2,500 players competed for a spot in the Street Fighter V World Finals. ImStillDadaddy fought valiantly, but ended his run there at 49th place.

In addition, the Method organization has signed BroskiFGC, a high-profile Dhalsim player in Street Fighter V. Like his teammate, he also hails from the United Kingdom, and he will be headed along to this year's Gfinity Elite Series and Capcom Pro Tour to represent the organization to the best of his ability!

Gfinity Esports is an organization based in the United Kingdom that hosts live events at the Gfinity Esports Arena in London. Players participate in a series of online events, called the Gfinity Challenger Series, to accrue league points and test their worth against the best of the best. Should their results receive enough merit, they could be counted among a handful of players that will be drafted into existing esports teams, such as Team Method, to participate in the finals at the Arena.

For more details on Gfinity, visit their website at

As for the Capcom Pro Tour, it is a yearly circuit for the Street Fighter community that was founded back in 2012. Players compete across a series of designated events to earn league points that will improve their standings on the CPT Global and Regional Leaderboards. At the end of the year, the best players, along with the Capcom Cup champion from the preceding year, will compete in Anaheim, CA to become the new Capcom Cup champion!

The 2018 CPT season has yet to begin, but the information can be found at @CapcomFighters and once that changes!

Congratulations to Broski and ImStillDaDaddy for their new opportunities alongside Method! We look forward to seeing their performances throughout the year...and also to seeing who else will be representing the Method banner at Gfinity and Capcom Pro Tour, as apparently they have yet to announce all of their new lineup!

For more updates on Method, follow their Twitter (@Methodgg) and their official website as well as our blog!

Blake Whitworth