Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S2 Week 7

We are still in awe of the events that transpired in last night's preliminaries for Week 7 of War Season 2.

Out of approximately two-hundred players, eight have fought their way through countless matches to proceed to this week's Wednesday finals. Seven of the Top 8 finalists are players whose names you have grown accustomed to seeing by now, but the eighth may catch your attention: Emperor Kombat, a formidable Firestorm specialist, has delivered one impressive performance after another since the beginning of Season 2, but up until Week 7, he had never broken into a Top 8...with his achievement, that streak has ended, and another has begun anew.

Another surprising development to note is the fact that, unlike the majority of his past brackets, Noble Semiij is beginning his path through the Top 8 from the lower bracket instead of the other way around. This turn of events was made possible by none other than Method SylverRye, who'd previously made two Top 8s in Season 2 before finally making his return to the mountaintop in Week 7. His Hellboy has won over the community's admiration, and his first obstacle in this week's finals will be Broken Alliance's Anbu GetReked, one of the finalists for the Heroic Eight finale for Gamestop's Hometown Heroes!

With Noble Rewind also making his return and poised to go against Allegiance Dragon in the Winner's Bracket, and his comrade Tweedy taking on RevetLeafing in Loser's, Week 7 looks to be another night out for the Noble boys, unless another upset is in the cards. The community is teetering on the edge of their seats for this Wednesday's Top 8, which takes place at 8 P.M. Eastern Time at! Please be sure you are following the channel and that your email notifications are enabled, for this is not a finals bracket you want to overlook.

Missed out on the excitement from last night's preliminaries? Click here to enjoy the archive - and don't be fooled by its title, we assure you that it's the matches for Week 7.

For anyone planning to participate in our future brackets, be advised that War of the Gods Season 2 will not continue this weekend. We will return on Sunday, February 11th to bring you the brackets for Week 8. If you're interested in entering, we recommend visiting to sign up now so that you won't forget to do so later!

Also, to anybody desiring another Runback for the Kombat Cup...stay tuned.

In closing this post, we'd like to slip in a quick reminder about our announcement for our upcoming DragonBall FighterZ league - Cell Games, which launches with its opening week on February 10th! For more details, please see this article.


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