New In-Game Tournaments System coming to #Fortnite in v6.10 Update

Fortnite’s next content update is scheduled for tomorrow, but the game’s esports team has opted to provide a preview of what is to come.

In a move that guides the game further along the road of embracing esports, a new system will be going into effect for Fortnite on all platforms. This system will govern in-game tournaments, which will naturally be found in the Events section whenever you log into the game.

Tournaments will be scheduled accordingly, and all competitors will be playing on even ground, starting each match with an even score. Players will work to eliminate opponents or perform various achievements in order to rack up their score and, in the case of events with multiple rounds, obtain pins that will earn them their qualification into the next round. These pins will be earned by obtaining a “target score,” which is defined as a set score that must be earned by the player.

The Fortnite tournaments will be open to all participants, but they must opt into crossplay in order to enter. Furthermore, players may use any equipment of their choice, be it controllers, keyboards or touch pads.

Once tomorrow’s update drops, a series of in-game tournaments will be available right out the gate. They are as follows:

  • Alpha Tournament (Solo)

    Dates: October 16 - October 21

  • Beta Tournament (Duo)

    • Dates: October 23 - October 25

  • Friday Night Fortnite (Squad)

    • Dates: October 19 - November 30

  • Salty Springs Cup (Solo)

    • Dates: October 27 - October 31

  • Tomato Temple Cup (Duo)

    • Dates: October 28 - November 1

Be advised that schedule times will differ between regions due to time zones.

In the future, the Fortnite team will be expending further effort into developing this new feature so as to allow for more tournaments to occur across multiple rounds. Players must achieve a target score to earn their pins which will grant them passage into future rounds.

Of special note, all eligible players will be able to take part in a qualification bracket for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup later this year. This bracket will be held via an in-game event called the Showdown Royale, for which details have yet to be released.

Stay tuned to Fortnite’s official Twitter, @FortniteGame, to catch the patch notes for tomorrow’s update.

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