Gameplay Tutorials for #SOULCALIBURVI by @MarkMan23

The entire fighting game community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Soul Calibur VI this Friday, October 19th. After taking part in an online beta and playing its demo at a vast selection of events across the country, new and old players alike are excited to step onto the Stage of History, whether to revisit the veterans of the franchise or to enjoy the newcomers (Groh, Geralt of Rivia and Azwel).

Soul Calibur VI is the long-awaited successor to Soul Calibur V, which released for the previous generation of consoles in 2012. In keeping with unspoken traditions, the game retains a “legacy curve” where the returning characters come equipped with familiar movesets albeit some tweaks in frame data as well as new abilities. It also introduces the all new Reversal Edge mechanic, which essentially engages both players in a cinematic scenario accompanied by a “rock-paper-scissors” situation, in which certain options will beat others out and allow for follow-up attacks.

While Soul Calibur will not fully embrace the esports scene similar to how other titles have done, countless eyes are upon its community to see how it will respond to the franchise’s rejuvenation this year.

Whether you are familiar or a newcomer to the franchise, you’ll want to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to understand the gameplay mechanics in Soul Calibur VI. To assist with this, Bandai Namco has released video tutorials in which Mark “@MarkMan23” Julio goes over the basics of offense and defense, including the newer Reversal Edge mechanic.

Soul Calibur VI releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) platforms this weekend. Now’s the time to reserve your copy if you have yet to do so - visit to make your pre-order!

Will your soul burn with the fires of battle?!

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