Tune in to the @PlayOverwatch PS4 International Tourney by @Space_Esports on @StreamMe!

This week, the Space Esports organization is kicking off a new series called the Overwatch PS4 International Tourney!

Lasting for up to ten weeks, teams from North America and Europe will compete in up to four qualifiers. Points will be distributed to teams based on how they place, and these points will ultimately influence their seeding for a championship event at the end of the circuit.

A prize pool of up to $10,000 in total will be distributed in portions throughout the series. The pool will be split 50/50 between both regions. The winning team in each qualifier will be awarded $300, whereas the largest share of the pool (over $3,000) will be up for grabs in the championship bracket. Furthermore, a player from each region will be selected as the MVP for a bonus winning.

The series will alternate between both regions every Tuesday. The first week will launch with a North American bracket, then a switch will be made to the European region the next Tuesday. This pattern will continue until the series reaches its conclusion this December.

Space Esports has teamed up with multiple broadcasting platforms, including StreamMe, to have the series broadcast every week! You can catch the North American qualifiers on our platform every Tuesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time, along with the European qualifiers at 2 P.M. Eastern Time!

All brackets related to the Overwatch PS4 International Tourney will be broadcast live via www.stream.me/Overwatch. Ensure you are following the channel and your email notifications are enabled so you don’t miss out!

The full broadcasting schedule for StreamMe can be glimpsed in the image below:

StreamMe Schedule.png

How can you sign up? You need only visit the official Discord channel for Space Esports via this link. Once there, you will need to contact a specific representative for your region. In the case of North American brackets, you’ll reach out to Vholtz on Discord; for European brackets, send a message to Jazzahozza.

Sign-ups for each bracket will lock 24 hours before their starting time. Rosters will lock at this time as well. If a roster change becomes necessary, teams will be allowed up to three substitutes.

The first North American qualifier airs on StreamMe tonight! Good luck to all teams attending and thanks to Space Esports for partnering with us to host this event!

For further queries pertaining to this event, please reach out to @Space_Esports on Twitter.

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