v6.10 update for #Fortnite introduces In-Game Tournaments, the Quadcrasher, and more!

Recently, Fortnite received its next content update in the form of a Version 6.10 update distributed to all available platforms.

Along with the In-Game Tournaments (more on that here), the update also introduces a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher, specifically for use in Battle Royale. Furthermore, a returning weapon (Gravedigger) and a new weapon (Rat King) have been added to Fortnite’s Save The World campaign mode.

There’s more! Save the World now comes with a limited time mission alert called Beta Storms, which will serve as a testing ground for new content and experimental ideas. Players are encouraged to submit their feedback while participating in Beta Storms.

The Quadcrasher can be utilized as follows:

  • Seats two players.

  • You build boost just by driving. Unleash that speed with the hotkey once you’ve filled your boost meter.

  • Smash through buildings while boosting.

  • Boost off ramps or cliffs to catch sick air.

  • Launch players into the air by smashing into them.

As indicated earlier, the update adds competitive Fortnite events that can be accessed via the in-game Events tab. A series of test tournaments has gone into effect in order to test out the feature, and players are encouraged to participate. The platform on which you play the game does not matter, as competitors are required to opt into the cross-play feature when participating.

And as per standard protocol, this latest update also rebalances existing content while addressing various bugs. The complete patch notes can be reviewed via this blog post by Epic Games.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, mobile devices and PC.

Source: www.epicgames.com

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