Patch Notes for Early Access 12 update to @RealmRoyale

Over the course of the past week, the fantasy-based battle royale game, Realm Royale, progressed into the twelfth stage of its Early Access phase.

Heralding this advancement was a balance patch that targeted up to five different weapons, hidden abilities, and a series of bug fixes. Furthermore, a Tutorial Queue that tracks achievements and rewards earned in the tutorial mode was added in, along with a new environment called the Snow Graveyard.

Taken from the game’s Steam page, the changes are as follows:


  • Added Tutorial Queue

    • Tutorial Achievement and Rewards

  • Environment

    • Added Snow Graveyard

      • Updated Mini-map


  • Weapons

    • Pistol/Venom Pistol

      • No longer drops at Common and Rare rarities.

      • Damage per tick increased by 7.5%.

      • “The Venom Pistol is a unique weapon that we want to be deadly in the hands of a skilled Assassin. This damage buff will help the weapon excel as a close range option. Because the venom pistol is a very situationally powerful we feel it is best reserved for only the higher rarities.”

    • Bolt Staff

      • Now drops at Common and Rare rarities.

      • Damage increased by 5%.

      • Reworked damage falloff.

      • “The Bolt Staff was a little weak in comparison to the Mage’s other options so the damage buff should help it secure eliminations. The change to Damage Falloff will make the weapon more effective over short to mid range. It is a good general purpose weapon so it will now drop at all rarities.”

    • Heavy Crossbow

      • No longer has damage falloff over range.

      • “The Heavy Crossbow was intended to be a longer range option for the Hunter, this change should make it far stronger in long range fights.”

    • Rifle/Heirloom Rifle

      • Now fires a projectile, rather than instant fire.

      • “The Heirloom Rifle was performing well in terms of damage output, but being the only instant fire class weapon made it distinctly powerful, especially when combined with the frost element.”

    • Stone Staff

      • Damage Reduced by 6%.

      • “The Stone Staff is meant to be a weapon that rewards hitting all 3 shots from its burst. However, in the hands of a player who was able to consistently hit their shots it could beat out most weapons even in their ideal range. Our goal is to make sure that the Stone Staff is rewarding but not overwhelming so we’ll continue to keep a close eye on this weapon in future patches.”

  • Abilities

    • Hidden

      • Now moves at standard sprint speed while active.

      • “Because Hidden is an active ability it disallowed players from sprinting, causing it to move slower than normal movement. Stealth is intrinsically very powerful so we need to be careful with it, but this should make moving around during Hidden a little easier.”

Bug Reports

  • Fixed several issues with new weapons that caused T-Posing.

  • Fixed an issue where some players’ friends list were improperly populating.

  • Fixed an issue where class bonuses weren't always being properly applied.

  • Fixed an issue where environmental sounds wouldn't be audible.

  • Fixed an issue with Legendary Sensor Drone getting stuck on windows.

  • Fixed several chest placement and chest spawn issues.

  • Fixed several minor environmental issues involving foliage.

  • Fixed several collision issues with the environment and buildings.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to T-Pose while chickened.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from inviting through Steam.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from vaulting through windows after using certain movement abilities.

  • Fixed several issues with overlapping text.

  • Fixed an issue where swapping weapons would cause other audio issues.

  • Fixed several issues where some buildings allowed players to mount inside them.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from properly gaining progress on some daily quests.

  • Fixed several text issues and inconsistencies.

Upon logging in to your Steam account, you should be prompted to download the latest update to your copy of Realm Royale.

The game is free to download and play via Steam (PC). A closed beta was also conducted via the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles near the end of July 2018, but since that occasion, Hi-Rez Studios has not touched upon the topic of bringing the free-to-play title to consoles as a full product.

For more updates to Realm Royale, consider following @RealmRoyale on Twitter, or visit

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