Schedule for next #NintendoDirect leaked: Week of November 5-12, 2018

Nintendo fanatics, it appears that the next Nintendo Direct is not too far down the road.

According to @GamingINTELcom, whose information is based on an anonymous source that has previously provided correct predictions on when the last few Directs occurred, the next Direct will take place on the week of November 5 - 12. More specifically, it is speculated that the livestream will unfold on the 8th of November, but that cannot be 100% confirmed at this time.

It is also unclear if the next Direct will revolve around a library of Nintendo titles or specifically Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the upcoming installment to the highly beloved Super Smash Bros series. However, given that the previous Direct in September highlighted various Nintendo titles, we can expect the November Direct to highlight Smash Ultimate, should Nintendo opt to follow a pattern.

While leaks should generally be taken with a grain of salt, the credited source in GamingINTEL’s report has been right on the mark with when the previous Directs occurred. Furthermore, the source in question correctly reported when the September Direct would take place after it was initially scheduled for September 6th, only to be pushed back due to a series of natural disasters that befell Japan.

As a Direct has yet to occur since September, and Smash Ultimate’s release date of December 7th is steadily creeping closer, we may be on the verge of a confirmation, or otherwise, from Nintendo concerning the schedule for their next livestream. We recommend following @NintendoAmerica and/or @NintendoVS on Twitter to stay updated.

In their September Direct, they revealed that a new Animal Crossing title was on its way to the Nintendo Switch…but other than the year of 2019, no specifics were given on its release date.

To sweeten the pot, Nintendo also dropped an announcement concerning the next newcomer in Smash Ultimate: Isabelle. That reveal takes place around the 34:50 mark in Nintendo’s archive below.

(click here to read our previous report concerning Isabelle’s entrance into Smash Ultimate)

If you are as excited for Smash Ultimate as we are, consider visiting to reserve your copy and prepare for the ultimate battle! The game releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

Sources: and @NintendoSwitchC

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