Patch Notes for #BlackOps4 October 19th Update

Last Friday, Black Ops 4 received its first game update since its launch on October 12th, and it’s packed with a lot of goodies. This update has already rolled out to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game, with the Xbox version to follow at a later date.

Beginning with the PS4 and PC versions, the Black Market reopens for business in Black Ops 4. This revamped feature offers a variety of new ways for players to express themselves by serving as the one-stop shop for gear. One example is the Contraband stream, which provides a progression path to the items you want by just playing through the game. Items will be dispersed via seasonal Operations, the first of which is already in effect…Operation: First Strike.

New content to be released in each Operation includes new Blackout characters, new weapons, specialist outfits, and tags/gestures. The rewards you can earn in these Operations will add some spice to your time on the multiplayer and Blackout modes.

Furthermore, a Blackjack’s Shop will be coming to the game this November to allow for players to directly purchase limited edition gear, which will be switched out every week. And as it is the month of October, players can look forward to an in-game Halloween event coming soon.

An experience multiplier was also introduced for the weekend, but has since expired. Regardless, we want to bring all the details of the update to the spotlight, particularly for the benefit of our Black Ops 4 players, as there have been some bug fixes and various tweaks made to the existing modes.

For the console players, the compiled patch notes have been linked to this thread on Reddit. For the PC enthusiasts, a separate thread has been made here to cover PC-specific changes. There may be Xbox-specific changes to account for when the update comes to Xbox One, at which point we will update this article.

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The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and (PC).

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