Tekken World Tour Finals heads to The Theater Amsterdam on December 1-2, 2018

The second season of the Tekken World Tour is quickly approaching its end, but the hype train has yet to suffer a decrease in speed.

According to the official website for the TWT, only one scheduled event remains before the Global Finals this year, and that is Canada Cup 2018. It will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Ontario this weekend, from October 26 to October 28. A $1,000 prize pool for their Tekken 7 bracket will be included among the winnings.

Canada Cup will provide the last opportunity for a potential shake-up in the TWT rankings, before nineteen finalists are locked in for the Global Finals. Speaking of which, an announcement was just dropped today sharing the exact location of where the finals will occur.

The conclusion to this year’s Tekken World Tour will be in Europe this December, specifically at the Theater Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It is there that twenty finalists, the TWT 2017 champion included (Qudans), will compete in a viciously stacked bracket with the goal of becoming the next King of Iron Fist, as well as taking home their share of a $25,000 prize pool!

Last year’s Tekken World Tour saw an explosive conclusion in California, when JDCR and Saint, both of whom had topped off Evolution 2017’s Tekken bracket with a Top 2 finish, were knocked off the mountaintop by Qudans, whom many had considered a dark horse at the time. As a Devil Jin main, Qudans astounded the Tekken community with one astounding sequence after another, including the use of Devil Jin’s Rage Art to exploit a gap in a blockstring during Grand Finals.

With the current standings for the TWT Global Leaderboards, a runback between Qudans and the duo of Saint and JDCR appears to be in the cards. Furthermore, many other familiar faces from the 2017 Tekken World Tour are poised to make a return as well.

By the end of the season, nineteen players will qualify via their possession of the highest amounts of league points. The twentieth, and last, finalist will be determined via an on-site LCQ at the Theater Amsterdam on December 1st. The final showdown will follow on December 2nd.

Below is a list of the players currently poised to qualify for the Global Finals:

TWT Standings.png

Out of the players listed above, only four of the current Top 19 will be present at Canada Cup in an effort to improve upon their ranking: Joey Fury, Take, Nobi and Fergus. A shift in their ranking could impact their seeding for the Global Finals, provided that they aren’t overtaken by the players ranked lower than 19th.

However, only 22 points separate Dimeback and Super Akouma, both of whom are tied for 19th place, from RunItBlack, who currently possesses 383 points. After him, it’s a steep decline from there, as Panda Global’s Speedkicks, who will not be present at Canada Cup, is trailing RunItBlack by almost sixty points, putting him at 22nd.

With Dimeback and Super Akouma currently at a tie, if there is no shift in their ranking before the tour concludes, then we could be looking at the possibility of a tie-breaker that will determine the 19th finalist heading to Amsterdam this holiday season. Comments regarding this possibility are scarce at this time.

From looking through the SmashGG page for Canada Cup, 184 players will be competing in their Tekken 7 bracket, four of which are currently in the running to qualify for the Global Finals. Again, the event is set to run from this Friday to Saturday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Follow @CanadaCupGaming on Twitter to learn how to tune in when the event goes live this weekend.

As the Tekken community awaits the conclusion of the Tour, we’d like to take a step back in time to the epic Grand Finale of the 2017 season, during which Qudans takes on Saint, who’d been representing the prestigious Echo Fox organization at the time. We heavily recommend watching this gemstone for the phenomenal level of gameplay.

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Source: www.tekkenworldtour.com

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