October 25th Update for Call of Duty #BlackOps4

As Week 2 of Black Ops 4’s lifespan winds down to a close, Treyarch Studios has released their next update, which completes the opening of the Black Market feature (more on that here) across all platforms on which the game is available (PS4, Xbox One and PC).

In addition, a slew of minor updates has been applied to all versions of the game. Some of the adjustments are specific to the PC version, which is available over at battle.net.

The list of changes, taken from Treyarch’s post at the Black Ops 4 Reddit forums, can be seen below.


  • Miscellaneous

    • Added some missing translations for Black Market and Playlist tiles.

  • Zombies

    • Playlists

      • Created two new Public playlists: Classified and Blood of the Dead.

      • Removed Aether Playlist.


  • Blackout

    • Resolved an exploit that allowed players to activate the Wingsuit frequently using a key from the numerical keypad.

    • Resolved an issue that allowed bullets to pass through certain rocks.

  • Multiplayer

    • Resolved an issue that caused a crash when changing weapon Decals in Paintshop.

Along with these changes, the Black Market will now be accessible across all versions of Black Ops 4, beginning today. Players can also look forward to a special Halloween event this Saturday, where holiday-themed cosmetics can be earned via the completion of specific feats in any affected game modes. While the start and end times for holiday events may vary between platforms, all will run at the same duration.

As future updates are applied, Treyarch will supply all patch notes via the Black Ops 4 forums at reddit.com. To keep updated, you can follow their page here. In addition, these updates will be linked via Treyarch’s Twitter account - @Treyarch.

While you absorb these notes, we would like to mention that StreamMe has launched the Black Ops 4 ULTIMATE Challenge, which replaces the original version. Competitors can now race to complete a weekly objective in the hopes of earning cash prizes. A $300 prize pool will be distributed to the Top 5 at varying amounts.

The Black Ops 4 Ultimate Challenge can be located via our Challenges page: info.stream.me/challenges.

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